Google Play Gift Cards Are Finally Available From Woolworths And Big W

Google Play Gift Cards Are Finally Available From Woolworths And Big W

Woolworths and Big W are now selling the Android equivalent to iTunes gift cards in Australia. Better late than never, we suppose…

It’s taken a while, but Android-loving Australians can now snap up Google Play gift cards from Woolworths and Big W. The cards currently come in $10, $30, $50 iterations and are available now from Woolworths and Big W outlets. (According to an AusDroid report the cards weren’t supposed to go on sale until today, but I spotted them on the weekend while doing my weekly grocery shopping.)

We contacted Woolworths who confirmed that the cards will be sold exclusively through its supermarkets and the Woolworths-owned Big W department stores.

“As Australia’s leading multi-channel retailer we understand that our customers are just as interested in what they can buy online as in store. With Android phones now the norm, we’re proud to be the first retailer to bring Google Play gift cards to Australian shoppers,” a Woolworths representative said in a statement.

To redeem a Gift Card, users are required to create a Google Wallet account and redeem the card within two years of activation. You can read the full terms and conditions at Google’s website.

[Via AusDroid]


  • Hopefully that means discounted Google Play cards too! Just like Apple Store Cards regularly go on sale.

    • I was hoping dick smiths would sell them. My mother still buys me gift cards for them so I was planning on trading it on something I could actually use!

  • Funnily enough i saw that not even an hour ago when i stopped in to see if they had any Mango Ezy-Yo yoghurt now that coles stopped selling that brand (they didn’t) and saw them and thought the exact same thing, because i know people that refuse to give google their cc info).

  • I dropped into my local woolies last night and they havent got them in store yet….. Can’t wait to get my hands on them….. Google Play all the Way (Apple sucks)…. 🙂

  • I don’t see the point, you still need a Wallet account to redeem credit, and in turn it requires a credit card. They are good as a gift if the person you give it to already has a Google Wallet account.

    • Ummm, I disagree, I have a wallet account pressure work my gmail that has neither a card not a voucher attached to it…

    • No…….All you need is a google play account, because you can redeem google play cards on it. The money is stored on that account, with no need for a credit card…You DO NOT NEED a DAMN CREDIT CARD for Google Play. learn the FACTS before you start ranting FALSE FACTS

      A wallet account…is not necessary to be used simply for redeeming google play cards,

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