Dealhacker: $4 Reflex Copy Paper At Woolworths

From today until October 23, Woolworths is offering reams of Reflex Copy Paper for $4 each — but only if you order online. Copy paper regularly goes on special, but that's still a decent discount.

Woolworths is also offering free delivery for first-time orders. There's a minimum of $30, but eight reams of paper for $32 could be a good office supplies catch-up if you've never ordered from the supermarket before. (By way of comparison, Officeworks charges $4.95 a ream for Reflex, and that price applies whether you buy a single ream or a pallet of 400 of them.)

If you have used Woolworths before and hence don't qualify for free delivery, Big W sells a box of five reams for $20, with free delivery if you spend more than $50 online.



    Please don't buy or promote Reflex paper:

    Recycled, I hope.

    Reflex is crap, it trashes paper pickups in the long run. Xerox has far nicer paper.

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