Domino's Mobile Site Proves Popular, Android And iPad Apps Coming Soon

Domino's launched its mobile ordering site last week to great success, already selling over a million dollars worth of pizza through it. Despite this, the pizza chain is planning to launch Android and iPad apps "by Christmas" to run alongside the mobile site and its iPhone app.

There was speculation that the mobile site may replace the iPhone app and throw out any hints of an Android app, but Domino's have decided to target all platforms. It's an odd strategy, and expensive to say the least, but one they're banking on considering that they believe 50 per cent of all sales in the next three years will be digital.

Domino's sets its solution apart from other pizza chains with a unique tracking system that lets you see when your order is taken, when the pizza is being cooked, and when it's ready for pick-up or delivery. As we previously mentioned, the mobile site and incoming apps also let you customise your pizza, enter discount voucher codes, and register your details for quicker orders in the future.

Have you tried the mobile site yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.



    Ordering pizza from my mobile phone? How amazing technology is lol

    tried the other night... but optus 3g wouldnt let me.

    Too bad the pizza in my area from them isn't that good.

    I use my wifes iPhone to order Dominos everytime we get Pizza, but I used their website once and got my credit card details stolen lol (I work in IT security so dont flame me with "you're PC has a virus!"). They confirmed it was at their end, hosted in US. Refunded me, and gave me free pizzas for life...ok, I got a free pizza and garlic bread.

    Need that Android app ASAP.

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