Domino's Android App The Only Way You'd Want To Mix Pizza And Gingerbread

As promised, Domino's has rolled out an Android app, joining its existing iPhone and mobile-optimised options.

As with the other incarnations, in the pursuit of pizza you can store your details for faster ordering, add the all-important discount coupons and track the progress of your order. A widget also lets you track special offer. The next promised app is for the iPad. Impressions of the Android app are welcome in the comments.

Domino's [Android Market]


    Only one problem,... Domino's make a shitty Piza! Been using Piza Hut for awhile, they've improved outasight, specially thin and crispy,...! #]

      Domino's pizza isn't that bad. However with the closest Domino's a 5 minute drive from me, and Pizza Hut a 30 second drive from me, there is only 1 place I go. Pizza Capers (about 1 minute drive from me) is significantly better than both Domino's and Pizza Hut, but costs almost twice as much. So it's a special treat pizza, not a weekly pizza. Pizza Hut needs an Android app

    I agree that non chain pizza is amazing. I work for one, so get fairly cheap pizza but lots of people are happy to pay $20 for a family size.

    I just pickup the phone. Easy.

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