Domino's Launches Mobile Site For Easy Pizza Ordering From Any Phone

Pizza chain Domino's has offered an iPhone ordering app since late 2009, but that didn't help anyone with an Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 or Symbian device. Enter a new mobile-optimised site, which lets you place orders on any Internet-connected mobile.At Lifehacker, we're great believers in the principle that building a mobile app is a waste of company money if you can get the same effect with a site designed for smaller mobile screens but which works on a variety of platforms. The challenge with a mobile pizza site is to ensure that you can customise the order suitably while not wasting screen space or using complex elements like Flash that don't work on many mobiles.

The Domino's site makes a pretty good fist of this, letting you customise pizzas with a choice of crust types and sauces. Even the "make your own" Designa option is available. There's also provision to enter the all-important discount vouchers, and you can use an existing Domino's online account to save entering details and track your order once it's been lodged.

The site is available on pretty much any Internet-enabled mobile if you visit the main page. If your phone doesn't successfully manage the redirect, tell us in the comments.



    What not everyone has an iPhone??

    This should've been designed first...

    Re-direct works on Windows Phone 7 as long as you select the Mobile Sites option in Internet Explorer settings.

    I love the fact that this isnt an app. I am so tired of there having to be an app for everything and then the app is only available on iPhone or Android only. Finally any internet mobile will have a similar experience. Kudos to Domino's for doing this.

    The Dominos app and their email voucher promotions and flash based desktop are the best thing to happen for my local pizza joint.
    After 25 minutes of frustration trying to order a $5.95 pizza from Dominos, I gladly walk up the street and pay $20 for a proper pizza.
    After six months I gave up on Dominos and go straight up the street now.

    Now you can order pizza on the phone!


    Just what I was asking about not so long ago.

    Maybe "app-for-iphone" fever is beginning to wear off.
    I'll take this as vindication, and the power of asking LH

    too bad it is disgusting pizza

    Finally!!!!! I'm getting so sick of apps when before the app there was a mobile site! Do Austar technical staff read Lifehacker?

    Lifehacker, could you call Austar and point this out to them? I want TV guide mobile access, not the iPhone app they currently have

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