Domino's iPhone App Offers Pizza Tracking, Payment

DominosiPhoneAs expected, Domino's has launched a free iPhone pizza-ordering app, letting you place orders, pay for them and track the status of your pizza.

That's a similar list of functionality to the existing Domino's web site, but it's potentially useful if you want some pizza delivered and you're not at your PC. It also comes in ahead of a similar promised offering from Pizza Hut. I'm not equipped with an iPhone so I haven't tested it; if you do, tell us what works (and what doesn't) in the comments.

Domino's [iTunes link]


    I installed it by accident on the weekend. (must have tapped an ad by accident, so I pressed install after reading) And it seems to be easy to order a dinner and send it in via wifi/3g

    Lacks the ability to use the iPhone's GPS to automatically populate the delivery address details, which seems a no brainer... but otherwise seems fairly similar to the flash site for online ordering. Hopefully we'll see further improvements as the competition heats up.

      Probably better that the GPS doesn't auto populate it with the address, unless you're able to edit it if it's not correct. The GPS near my place always seems to be about 500m out.

    Meanwhile, people with real smartphones just use the flash website

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