Pizza Hut Adds Enhanced GPS And Customisation To iOS App

The pizza app war continues. Domino's launched a mobile site recently and promised Android and iPad apps to complement its existing iPhone offering. Rival Pizza Hut hasn't gone multi-platform yet, but it has tweaked its existing iPhone app to incorporate a better location finder, increased customisation options and the ability to save your preferred combinations for repeat orders.

The location finder now uses an augmented reality approach to find the nearest hut, as the launch press release explains:

People hold up their iPhones, the camera opens and the screen shows not only what is in front of the user, but small tabs highlighting the direction and distance of Pizza Hut locations nearby.

A version 3.0 is also promised soon, though there's no word on Android options. Just remember: pan pizza can be risky.

Pizza Hut [iTunes App Store]


    If only they would spend as much effort at making their pizzas edible.

    Id like the app without the bloat of the Pizza Racer game

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