Dominos HD Brings Drag-And-Drop Pizza Customisation To Your iPad

Dominos HD Brings Drag-And-Drop Pizza Customisation To Your iPad

By its own count, pizza chain Domino’s has seven separate electronic ordering systems: its main web site, its mobile site, its accessible site, its Facebook ordering system, and its iOS, Android and iPad apps. The iPad app has just received a nifty upgrade, adding the ability to customise your orders with a drag-and-drop system.

Using the Pizza Chef option, you can build a pizza from scratch or customise one of the existing standard designs. (You can’t customise the 97% fat-free options, since that would potentially make the claimed percentage untrue.) Components are listed alphabetically, and anything on the menu can be added. The app uses the same instructions given to store workers on the order in which ingredients should be layered, so the visual representation should be fairly accurate.

The app also supports Domino’s recently-introduced catering tools, and has plenty of other nice touches, including the ability to seamlessly resume an order after switching to another app (useful if you’re interrupted mid-gluttony). It also incorporates the standard features for the Domino’s environment, including saving favourite orders, a tracker to tell you what stage your pizza is at and the ability to accept vouchers. You can place an order up to 21 days in advance if you’re feeling especially organised.

The Domino’s app is a free download for iPad. There are no imminent plans for an equivalent Android tablet app, alas. That said, with half of Domino’s total orders now coming from electronic systems and the percentage continuing to rise (especially in CBD stores), I’d imagine a point will come where that makes sense.

Domino’s HD [iTunes App Store]


  • Hopefully that means an update to their desktop/web/flash site is due soon. That’s a truly horrible experience, features that simply don’t work (“remember me”), lack of information at critical times, and it simply not working properly at times (it often gets hung on the “placing order, do not refresh you browser” screen, which has no details on where it’s trying to place the order, so you’ve got no idea if it’s placed the order, or who to call to actually check).

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