Kitchy Kitchens, Cheeseburger Tacos and Jellyfish Lamps: Here Are Pinterest’s 2024 Trend Predictions

Kitchy Kitchens, Cheeseburger Tacos and Jellyfish Lamps: Here Are Pinterest’s 2024 Trend Predictions

Pinterest Predicts is back for 2024, and the curation platform has made some fascinating calls about what’s coming in the next year across design, food, fashion and travel. From 2023‘s romantic aesthetics and soft pastel hues, it seems 2024 is moving into a more is more era. We’ve taken our favourite trends from the report and shared them with you here.

Our favourite Pinterest trend predictions for 2024

There are a whole lot of predictions to peruse through in Pinterest’s report, but we pulled out the trends that have emerged across food, home decor and general lifestyle. Each of these trends has been named by Pinterest according to an uptick in search for related terms on the platform. We’ve shared a selection of our favourites below.

Pinterest predictions 2024.

One of the areas we’re most interested in is home styling and interior design, and in 2024, it seems that our personal spaces are going to become a whole lot more colourful. Pinterest predicts that minimalism is out and “jarring pops of paint” are in. Kitchens furnished with vintage finds, aluminium furniture and ‘jellyfish’ lamps are just some examples of what you’ll be seeing in homes next year.

Some of the most interesting search spikes include:

  • Jellyfish lamp +95%
  • Eclectic kitchen décor +50%
  • Kitschy kitchen +75%
  • Green kitchen paint +55%
  • Eccentric kitchen +160%
  • Retro pink kitchens +40%
  • Aluminium furniture +45%
  • Aluminium door design +70%
  • Spa aesthetic +60%
  • Western bedding ideas +310%
  • Country room ideas +125%
  • Western gothic +145%
  • Western mirror +125%
  • Coffee station décor +145%
  • Kafe aesthetic +820%
  • Coffee bar styling +1,125%
  • Coconut aesthetic +35%
  • Tropical chic decor +110% 

Pinterest food trend predictions:

Pinterest predictions.

Moving over to food, Pinterest predicts 2024 will bring uber-indulgent food fusions along with a push for more tropical-inspired treats. This comes off the back of an increase in search around the below:

  • Pineapple mocktails +70%
  • Crushed pineapple upside down cake +50%
  • Hawaiian sheet pan chicken +35%
  • Pizza pie +55%
  • Gummy kebabs +170%
  • Carbonara ramen +165%
  • Cheeseburger tacos +255%
  • Burger quesadilla +80%
  • Starter leftover recipes +165%

Lifestyle and health trend predictions:

Pinterest predictions.

Finally, when it comes to lifestyle (travel, health and self-care), Pinterest predicts that self-defence classes will become more popular in 2024 – nice – along with slow travel, better bodycare and intimate conversations with loves ones.

Search has recently spiked for the below related terms:

  • Sunscreen +75%
  • Body skin care routine +1,025%
  • Bodycare +845%
  • Karate kumite +190%
  • Kickboxing aesthetic +265%
  • Mixed martial arts training +200%
  • Shadow boxing workout +60%
  • Jiu-jitsu +30%
  • Staycation hotel +70%
  • Solo traveling +145%
  • Slow life +60%
  • Digital detox challenge +80%
  • ASMR sleep +165%
  • Questions for couples to reconnect +480%
  • Hot seat questions +825%
  • Deep conversation starters +185%
  • Emotional intimacy +40%
  • Deep questions to ask friends +85%
  • Off-road camping +90%
  • Off-road wheels +70%
  • Zero-waste sewing patterns +80%
  • Craft work with waste material +140%
  • Small scrap wood projects DIY +1,220%
  • Scrap quilts patterns leftover fabric +80%

If you’d like to explore further, you can find the full list of Pinterest predictions for 2024 here.

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