From Sleep Yoga to Bath Tea, Here’s What Self Care Will Look Like in 2021

From Sleep Yoga to Bath Tea, Here’s What Self Care Will Look Like in 2021

We’re here, folks. The final days of December 2020 are upon us, which means we’re about to leave this god-awful year in the wind and move on into a fresh one.

Does that mean all the crapness that kicked off in 2020 is over? No. Does it mean we’re promised a stress-free experience in 2021? Certainly not. But it does offer a chance to consider what we’d like to change about our lives and how we can inject a little more joy into our day-to-day.

Pinterest has taken a peek at all the behaviours that popped up throughout 2020, and with those in mind, has gone ahead and predicted trends should make an appearance in 2021.

Those trends span across health and fitness; food; DIY finance; travel and general hobbies. And I have to admit, there are some interesting suggestions in the mix (sleep yoga, anyone?).

Here are some of the more eye-catching predictions Pinterest shared in its recent report.

Sleep care is king:

As Pinterest writes, “wellbeing-Zzz Time is the new ‘me’ time”. The social platform predicts that the hottest kind of self-care in 2021 will be sleep care. The health benefits of sleep are finally going to be prioritised.

“Bedtime routines will be more luxurious than ever. From home goods just for sleep to bedtime exercise routines, people will bring intention to more restful regimens”.

Pinterest shares that over the last year there has been a 100% increase in searches for “night affirmations sleep”; 80% boost in searches for “sleep blends for diffuser“; 90% more searches for “sleep yoga“; a 60%  jump in searches for silk sleepwear and three times as many searches for “sleep workout“.

Food is getting fancier:

With more of us spending time at home, we’ve had time to invest in our cooking – and it shows. Pinterest shares that “Chef-inspired meals, food plating techniques and garnishes are all trending up”. Bread art saw a 130% boost in popularity; food plating increased by 105%;  homemade tea recipes jumped up by 60% in searches and this Basque burnt cheesecake saw 10x more searches over the year.

DIY finance is all the rage:

A combination of uncertain times career-wise, and more freedom to focus on passion projects meant that people started launching small businesses and spending more time looking at their finance health, concurrently.

“Branding ideas, podcast tips and small business ideas will all be high in demand this year [2021],” Pinterest said.

There has been an increase in the following search terms: “small business ideas” +90%; “branding your business” +105%; “podcast design” +130%; “accounting basics” +150% and “entrepreneur motivation” +2x.

Introducing Japandi home decor:

“Japanese design meets Scandanavian aesthetic” is the latest home decor trend, Pinterest shares. “Sleek lines, neutral colour schemes and calming set-ups will be on the radars of people everywhere.”

The term “Japandi” saw an increase of 100%, followed by “wooden bed design modern” +5x; “neutral colour palette earth tones” and “minimalist bathroom design” which were 5, 3 and 4 times more popular, respectively. “Modern minimalist kitchen” also saw an increase in searches, jumping up by 115%.

We’re all spending more time in the car:

With travel plans on hold indefinitely, people are looking more closely at road trip options and short trips they can make from home. But according to Pinterest, our time in our cars is going beyond that in 2021. “In 2021, cars will become the new ‘third space’ for everything from date nights to man caves,” Pinterest said.

Searches have jumped up for “car date night” by 2x; “car man cave” +115% “car survival kits“+60%; “dog car seats” +100% and “drive-in cinema” +190%.

If you want to read more of Pinterest’s predictions (there are loads of them) check them out on the website here. And if you need me, I’ll be over here researching how sleep yoga might change my health routine next year…

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