Here Are The Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Sales On Homewares and Tech

Here Are The Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Sales On Homewares and Tech
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Get your bank cards ready because Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are here. From Tuesday October 10 until midnight, Wednesday, October 11, Amazon will be slashing prices on heaps of items from tech, gaming, homewares and more.

The discounts are some of the biggest we’ve seen this year, particularly on items like robot vacuum cleaners, smart home hubs, earbuds and phones. To access these deals, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. If it’s your first time signing up, you’ll get a free 30-day trial, but if you’ve already had an account, it’ll cost you $9.99 per month.

Once you’ve signed up for Amazon Prime, you can check out the deals here. Since the sheer amount of sales is overwhelming, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days offers.

The 10 best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days deals in Australia

38% off Nike Academy Team duffel bag

best amazon prime day deals
Image: Nike

Travel in style with this bestselling Nike duffel bag. The bag features separate compartments for wet items to keep your dry belongings safe from water, sweat, or anything that might damage them.

These duffel bags are perfect for short overnight or weekend trips when you don’t need to pack a lot, but still want more space than a regular backpack.

Shop it here for $34 (down from $57.49).

15% off Koala Queen Mattress in a box

best amazon prime day deals
Image: Koala

We’re big fans of a mattress in a box, and Koala is slashing prices on its bedroom products for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

This Koala queen mattress features adjustable firmness, gel memory foam, and has Zero Disturbance Technology in case your bed partner is a restless sleeper.

Shop it here for $892.50 (down from $1,050).

29% off Sunbeam DuraCeramic air fryer

Image: Sunbeam

Air fryers are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can own. Most viral recipes like this tortilla garlic bread from TikTok are made using an air fryer and take less time to cook than they would in a traditional oven, while keeping the crispiness that gets lost from cooking in a microwave.

This Sunbeam air fryer has a 3L capacity and features an internal ceramic coating to help with the durability of the appliance.

Shop it here for $116 (down from $179).

54% off Garmin Venu smart watch

best amazon prime day deals
Image: Garmin

The Garmin Venu smart watch is a chic smart watch with a big focus on health and fitness. It can track your heart rate, oxygen, hydration, sleep, and even stress. When it comes to exercise, the Venu smart watch has over 20 pre-loaded apps for a variety of sports and activities that you can input as your exercise for the day. With activities like running, swimming, cycling, and mindfulness, you can easily keep track of the time you’ve spent exercising and the intensity at which you’ve done it.

Shop it here for $199 (down from $429).

$600 off Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 robot vacuum cleaner

ecovacs deebot n8 robovac
Image: Ecovacs

If you’ve been thinking about getting a robot vacuum, but the steep price tag has always made you tug at your collar, you’ll be glad to know that the bestselling Ecovacs Deebot N8 is now on sale for one of its lowest prices ever.

This robot vacuum is the perfect entry-level option into the smart home game, capable of sucking up all the dirt from your floors and mopping ’em too. It boasts a solid 2,300Pa, which is better suited to tiled or wooden floors, but it can still pick up most of the surface debris sitting on top of your carpets.

Shop it here for $399 (down from $999).

75% off the new Echo Pop 

best amazon prime day deals
The Amazon Echo Pop. Image: Amazon

The Echo Pop is the latest and more aesthetically pleasing rendition of Amazon’s Echo speaker. Available in four different colours and a compact design, the Echo Pop is designed for smaller spaces such as your bedroom due to its 1.95″ front-firing speaker.

It can achieve a lot of the basic functions that other Alexa devices can do, such as read audiobooks, turn your lights on and off, tell you the weather and play music. It even comes with a built-in microphone off button, so you can stop it from listening to your voice at any time.

This deal from Amazon includes two Echo Pops for half the price of one (RRP $79), so you can place the speakers around your house for maximum smart home efficiency or give one to a friend.

Shop it here for $40 (down from $158).

52% off the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a flipping cool smart phone. It comes in four different colours (all of which are shiny and pretty), and three different sizes — 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Thanks to the foldable screen, the phone essentially comes with its own built-in camera stand, allowing you to take selfies and capture video hands-free.

Shop it here for $799 (down from $1,649).

$150 off the De’Longhi Magnifica Automatic Coffee Machine

best amazon prime day deals
Image: De’Longhi

We’re all big fans of barista-made coffees, but unless you’ve trained as one, they can be pretty hard to nail at home with a commercial machine. That’s why we can’t help but eyeball this De’Longhi one that resembles a proper coffee machine, but only requires the push of a button.

You still get to choose the type of beans you want ground down into hot bean juice, but you can also pick the type of shot you want, adjust the temperature to your liking and froth your milk the way you like it.

Shop it here for $499 (down from $649).

46% off JBL Flip 5 Portable Speaker

Image: JBL

Whether you’re working out, throwing a party or just cleaning the house, a portable speaker can really help set the mood. This JBL speaker can provide up to 12 hours of pumping tunes through its powerful and deep stereo sound. It’s even waterproof, so you can toss it in the pool or hot tub with you and your friends, as well as activate its PartyBoost mode to really elevate the music.

Shop it here for $79.95 in mustard or pink (down from $148.99).

23% off Anker 737 24,000mAh power bank

best amazon prime day deals
Image: Anker

Please don’t leave your house without a power bank. If you’re planning on heading out for a night out with friends or just for a full day at the office, you’ll never have to worry about seeing that red blinking light of doom ever again.

This Anker power bank supports USB-C connections and serves as a great charger for iPhones, Samsungs and even a MacBook. It has three charging points — one USB-C connection and a USB port — so you can charge multiple devices on the go.

Shop it here for $169.99 (down from $219.99).

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The first official Amazon Prime Day was back in 2018 when the Prime service was first launched in Australia. It saw huge sales across shopping categories like home, tech, health & fitness, beauty and more. Since it was such a success the first time around, they now bring it back every year. 

It’s the perfect time to grab a bargain on that product you’ve been eyeing for weeks or just spoil yourself because you damn well deserve it. 

When is Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023?

Amazon Prime Day 2023 kicked off on October 10 and is set to end at 11:59pm AEDT on October 11.

How do I get access to Amazon Prime?

Before you nab any great deals, you’ll need to get yourself a Prime account. It’s free to trial for your first 30 days, but will then cost you $6.99 per month once the trial’s over.

Having a Prime subscription gives you access to Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading. Plus, once you’re signed up, you get free, fast delivery on any items purchased through Amazon, including those purchased over the duration of the Prime Day sale. 

If you’re not planning on using Prime after the sale’s done and dusted, feel free to cancel your subscription once you’ve milked your free trial for all it’s worth.

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Lead Image Credit: Sunbeam/Koala


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