Score $300 off the Dyson Hot+Cool Purifier and Keep Your Home Nice and Toasty

Score $300 off the Dyson Hot+Cool Purifier and Keep Your Home Nice and Toasty
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Regardless of whether your home is well-insulated, you’re likely feeling the chill of these pre-winter months. If you’re an allergy sufferers, you might be having an even less good time on top of this while combatting an itchy nose and watery eyes. So why not kill two birds with one stone with Dyson’s air purifier?

The Dyson Hot+Cool is a three-in-one device that works as a heater, fan and purifier, so you can keep it handy all-year long. Thanks to eBay’s Plus Weekend Sale, this purifier heater is currently on sale for $499 with the code PWEPURI (down from $799). But be quick, because this deal expires at midnight on Sunday, 28 May along with the rest of the eBay’s exclusive Plus member bargains.

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The great thing about this Dyson purifier heater is that come winter, you won’t need to put it into storage in exchange for ye olde pedestal fan. Instead, you can simply switch its settings to cooling and enjoy a blissful blast of purified air.

But if you want a more in-depth rundown of how the Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater works, let us walk you through it.

What can the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool do?

Dyson air purifier heater sale
Image: Dyson

This triple threat of a Dyson sports a HEPA H13 filter that will capture everything that makes your eyes water and your nose itchy as hell.

With its 350-degree oscillation, this Dyson purifier can circulate clean hot and cold air around the entire room, working to suck up faraway pollutants. If you want to see it at work, you can check the MyDyson app, which analyses your air quality and diagnoses pollutants down to its molecules.

As a comforting bonus, this Dyson purifier is safe to leave on around young children and pets thanks to its bladeless design. Its unique look is ultimately what makes it quieter too, since there’s no loud whirring from a pedestal fan’s blades to keep you up at night. Instead, the Dyson purifier pulls air in through its hoop-like frame to activate the mini fan inside its body, which helps it blast air quietly.

Plus, it’s much easier to clean that your usual pedestal fan. While normal pedestal fans often collect dust on its blades or guard, this Dyson Purifier only requires you to wipe its ring-like frame with a damp cloth, as well as check and replace its filter every so often.

You can shop the Dyson HP00 Purifier Hot+Cool here for $499 with the code PWEPURI (down from $799).

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