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We're a sucker for a good deal here at Lifehacker, and when you're elbow deep in deals on a daily basis you notice a lot of similar deals popping up on the regular. We've distilled these patterns to discover the products that are easiest to find a good deal on - and that you should therefore never settle for buying at full price.


While not a great deal for those in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, if you already have Dyson gear and are looking to fill out your hardware, you can save a pretty penny right now via Dyson's online store, as long as you have the correct coupon on hand.


Dyson's vacuum cleaners aren't known for their affordable prices, but they do have a reputation for cleaning stuff real good. The handstick units are particularly popular -- and expensive -- but right now you can grab the V6 Animal for $320, down from the RRP of $549.


The AM09 Hot+Cool is the latest swanky home appliance from Dyson. As its name implies, it's a cooling fan and heater in one, which means you can use it all year round. It also boasts near-soundless operation, safe-to-touch heating elements, intelligent climate control and an impressively sleek design. But is it worth the astronomical $699 asking price? We put it to the test.