The 5 Best, Most Chaotic Episodes of Neighbours to Farewell the Soap With

The 5 Best, Most Chaotic Episodes of Neighbours to Farewell the Soap With

In news that has left Aussies (and probably a fair few English audience members, too) absolutely gobsmacked, it has been confirmed that after almost 37 years and 9,000 episodes, iconic Australian soap series Neighbours is saying its final goodbyes.

The series confirmed the news – to our disbelief – and the cast and fans alike have begun wondering what kind of finale could do this historic piece of Aussie television justice.

Even if you haven’t watched Neighbours in the last 10 years, you’ve got to admit it’s a little gutting to know that Karl and Susan will be packing up shop soon and leaving our lives forever. In any case, if the news has you feeling a little sentimental, and you’re eager to re-watch some of the best (or should we say, most shocking) episodes of Neighbours once again, here’s a list that will help you out.

5 of the best Neighbours episodes according to IMDb

Best Neighbours episodes
Image credit: Network 10. Best Neighbours episodes

All synopses are via IMDb

#1 Best Neighbours episodes: In the Wake of a Giant (2007 episode)

Rating: 9.3/10

Small as he was in stature, Scotty’s funeral spells a huge void. Zeke consoles Rachel and cues her a funny text to start remembering Stingray’s peculiar, popular humour. Boyd nearly didn’t go at all, but both his lovers, Glen who bows out and shocked Jane, urge him to go and stay. Dylan is beyond heartbroken, an utter wreck, it takes dad Kim to stop him from violently lashing out, then Steiger, who allows Kim to escape provided he takes initially unwilling Dylan along up north, till he’s straightened-out, ready to return and step in as Kerry’s surviving Timmins dad.

#2 Best Neighbours episodes: Episode #1.5737 (2009 episode) 

Rating: 9.2/10

Declan can’t cope with the utterly uncertain wait, rages at everyone and wanders off, until Zeke brings him back. Declan makes up with everyone and reassures Didge, but as Karl feared, the long untreated internal infection is beyond help, so India is orphaned.

#3 Best Neighbours episodes: A New Beginning (2007 episode)

Rating: 9/10

Despite all Rosie’s panicking, and everyone oversleeping, the wedding is a radiant success, attended even by uncle Rocco and Frazer’s estranged pa and brothers. Carmella keeps cruelly twisting Ringo’s feelings, but Frazer makes him proud by requesting his speech, outdoing even the romantic wedding vows. Meanwhile Ned presents Mickey to his big brother Steve Parker, who moves to Anson’s Corner with his wife Miranda and daughter Bridget. Post-party traffic spells disaster.

#4 Best Neighbours episodes: One Steph Beyond (2006 episode)

Rating: 9/10

Zeke is delighted Anne is joining his school, Bree gets mixed feelings. Rachel somehow scorns Stingray for frolicking with college friends, Sky cruelly calls him less mature because he occasionally drinks. Karl refuses to remain Sky’s doctor because of her deceit to Dylan, too down to mention Zeke is playing in his leather performance pants, later overhears Susan and the kids discuss his insecurity and their sincere efforts. Susan blurts out to Lyn Max’s ‘affair’. Janelle insists Lou takes tests for Karl’s Alzheimers suspicion.

#5 Best Neighbours episodes: Siege the Day (2006 episode)

Rating: 9/10

Stingray has hit Toadie with blue paint, he claims it’s a day too soon and Big Kev’s turn. Frazer’s fancy diary as Christmas present for Rosie is rewarded with a hot kiss, sister Carmella and Will are equally lip-locked even before her next skin repair-unveiling. The Kennedys were packing for Christmas in the country, when Guy barges in waving a gun – besides Zeke, Katya, Steph and Toadie become hostages, Rosie and Karl get away, until… Ned scorns Paul, being appointed Lassiters’ animation direction and tour guide by team Timmins.

Detective Skinner brings Paul proof about Will’s true identity: Sebastian Barnes, whose family holds Lassister’s last 2%, Paul demands the voting right for silence to Carmella. Frazer’s unresponsiveness when Rosie asks in lingerie to be ‘unwrapped as his Christmas present’ may steer her back to Paul, who gives her a fancy watch.

While it didn’t make the top list, ‘Episode 523’ featuring the wedding of Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) and Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) has gone down as one of the more memorable soap episodes in modern memory. It aired in 1987, and still gets talked about to this day – pretty epic.

If you’d like to catch the final episodes of Neighbours, you’ll be able to watch on Channel 10.

After you’re done with this list of the best Neighbours episodes, here’s a list of everything coming to streaming services in Australia across March.

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