Woolworths’ New Plant-Based Range Will Take Care of Your Vegan Guests This Christmas

Woolworths’ New Plant-Based Range Will Take Care of Your Vegan Guests This Christmas
Image: Woolworths (Supplied)

For a lot of people, Christmas time means a wealth of delicious foods like roast ham, turkey and maybe even a pavlova. But as more of our population turns to vegetarian and vegan diets, our dining options need to expand. Luckily, Woolworths is making it easy for us this year with a new range of plant-based Christmas items.

Woolworths’ Plantitude range has expanded in 2021 with five new products that will please all your vegan and vegetarian friends around the table. Let’s dig into what’s on offer.

Vegan Christmas items you can buy at Woolworths in 2021

woolworths plant based chistmas roast
Image: Woolworths (Supplied)

With four new dessert options, Woolworths’ new vegan items are catering to sweet tooths in particular this year, but there is an alternative to roast ham on the list as well.

  • Plantitude Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Mud Cake: Vegan friendly chocolate bar cake topped with fudgy chocolate icing, caramel peaks, dark chocolate buttons. Price: $20
  • Plantitude Traditional Fruit Pudding: Vegan, rich Christmas fruit pudding – will go perfectly with the new Plantitude vegan brandy/vanilla custards. The puddings are made with quality ingredients and dosed with Beenleigh Rum from QLD. Price: $3
  • Plantitude Dairy-Free Vanilla Custard: Smooth & Creamy, Dairy-Free Vanilla Custard. Price: $5
  • Plantitude Dairy-Free Brandy Custard: Smooth and creamy dairy-free custard, infused with brandy! Price: $5
  • Plant-based Christmas Roast: A succulent plant-based vegan roast with fragrant herbs and spices. We’ve swapped out the meat in this juicy roast and replaced it with soy protein for a festive feast that can be enjoyed by all. Price: $15

Woollies Plantitude petite meringue nests are also on offer in a pack of nine for $6 for anyone planning a pavlova.

Gluten-free Christmas items available at Woolworths

woolworths gluten free christmas
Image: Woolworths (Supplied)

The Plantitude range is also on sale beside Woollie’s ‘Free From’ Christmas products which offer a range of treats for those with food allergies and intolerances. These are found in the bakery section of Woolworths stores.

  • Free From Gluten Fruit Cake – $9
  • Free From Gluten Iced Fruit Cake Slices – $6
  • Free From Gluten Fruit Pudding 400g – $7
  • Free From Gluten Fruit Pudding 100g – $2.50
  • Free From Gluten Chocolate Sponge Pudding 100g – $2.50
  • Free From Gluten Gingerbread Men – $5
  • Free From Gluten Fruit Mince Pies – $6

There’s nothing worse than cooking a Christmas feast only to find some of your guests can’t eat it, so make sure to plan ahead and pick up one or many of these Woollies products so everyone has a good time.

For a list of Vegan Christmas items that are available at Coles and Woollies, check out this list from PETA. We’ve also broken down a list of everyday vegan sweet treats from supermarkets here.


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