Macca’s Has Dropped a Tim Tam McFlurry and You’ll Want to Get in Quick

Macca’s Has Dropped a Tim Tam McFlurry and You’ll Want to Get in Quick
Image via McDonald's Australia

Macca’s has answered the prayers of every Aussie sweet tooth out there by announcing the arrival of its new limited-edition Tim Tam McFlurry. Using actual Tim Tams – not this Choc Slam business.

The new dessert, which will probably have people elbowing their own grandmothers out of the way for a taste, is exclusively available via Uber Eats from November 24 (that’s today) for one week.

After its initial drop, the Tim Tam McFlurry will make its way into McDonald’s restaurants across Australia from December 1, also for a limited time.

On the announcement, Tim Kenward, Marketing Director, McDonald’s Australia said in a statement that the new McFlurry signals the beginning of Macca’s summer campaign – with more promos and new menu items to come.

“To celebrate the magic of summer, Macca’s is kicking off two months of exciting new menu items, delicious flavour combinations and iconic brand collaborations to help our customers enjoy great times together.

“At Macca’s, we believe great combinations make summer so special, whether that’s sun and surf, friends and family, or TimTam and McFlurry.

“We’re so excited to kick-start our summer campaign by introducing one of our most iconic flavour combinations, giving Aussies a delicious dessert to enjoy with loved ones this summer.”

What can you expect from the Tim Tam McFlurry?

Well, it’s fairly self-explanatory, right? But McDonald’s Australia and Uber Eats described the dessert as “velvety soft serve with crunchy biscuit pieces and a smooth milk chocolate sauce”.

Not bad.

This latest announcement from McDonald’s Australia comes as its 30 Days 30 Deals enters into ints final days for the month of November.

There are still some solid bargains to take advantage of, though. On November 24 you can get a $2 Sundae and Monday, November 19 is $2 Double Cheeseburgers. Happy feasting!

If you’d like more information on the new McFlurry launch or the November deals offerings, check out the Macca’s Australia website.


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