A Very Serious Ranking of Macca’s McFlurry Flavours

A Very Serious Ranking of Macca’s McFlurry Flavours

The McDonald’s McFlurry is an iconic treat. The ice cream dessert is the staple for many after a night out or on a random Macca’s run. It’s seen many iterations beyond its standard flavours, and with the recent release of the Malteser’s McFlurry, we thought it was only right to go through and rank them all.

Seeing as Macca’s rarely has more than three McFlurry flavours on the go at any given time, I’m expanding this list to include some of the limited edition variations that have passed us by. Please enjoy this very serious and official ranking.

A ranking of the best McFlurry flavours in Australia

1. Mini M&M’s McFlurry

best mcflurry mcdonalds
Image: McDonald’s

Sorry, but there is a reason the Mini M&M McFlurry is a staple on the McDonald’s menu. It’s the best!

The softness of the ice cream paired with the crunchy little M&M’s makes for a texture match made in heaven. Plus, if you actually take time to mix up your McFlurry, the M&M’s turn your soft serve into a rainbow.

2. Oreo McFlurry

mcdonalds mcflurry best
Image: McDonald’s

Again, unsurprisingly, the other staple on the Macca’s McFlurry menu has to rise to the top. Ground oreo cookies mixed throughout the creamy vanilla ice cream is simply perfection. It’s Macca’s version of a cookies & cream ice cream, and it is delightful.

The only way an Oreo McFlurry could be made better is to mix it with Mini M&M’s, therefore creating the god-tier McFlurry.

3. Crunchie McFlurry

mcdonalds mcflurry crunchie
Image: McDonald’s

Crunchie is an Aussie icon, and nothing pains me more than recalling the day the Crunchie McFlurry disappeared off the Macca’s menu. Those bite-sized honeycomb pieces were a delicious accompaniment
to vanilla ice cream.

4. KitKat McFlurry

kitkat best mcflurry
Image: McDonald’s

Chocolate wafers and ice cream belong together; it’s a fact. McDonald’s was on to something when it introduced KitKat McFlurries to its menu. Once again, this was a limited-time collaboration and, at this point, I’d take adding a KitKat bar to my soft serve cone as a win.

5. Maltesers McFlurry

maltesers mcflurry
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

The revived Maltesers McFlurry is currently back in Aussie restaurants. While Maltesers and soft serve obviously go remarkably well together, the ice cream-to-chocolate ratio here is just not enough. If it was crushed full of Maltesers, maybe we’d be on to a winner.

6. Tim Tam McFlurry

Macca's Tim Tam McFlurry
Image via McDonald’s Australia

It’s hard to go wrong with a Tim Tam in any sort of dessert in Australia, but it was the addition of the chocolate sauce that ruined this McFlurry for me. It was just too sickly sweet and overpowered the flavour of the main event, the Tim Tam, which is a crime, quite frankly.

7. Apple Pie McFlurry

Image: Supplied

Macca’s McFlurry = good. Macca’s Apple Pie = good. Together? Debatable.

The hot and cold sensation just doesn’t do it for me, and the Apple Pie pieces quickly lose their crunch in the coldness of the ice cream. But I can see what McDonald’s is trying to achieve here, and I respect it.

8. Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry

mcdonalds summer menu
Image: McDonald’s

Obviously, if you are a fan of Caramilk, you’re going to like a Caramilk McFlurry. This one combined shavings of Caramilk with shattered honeycomb and caramel sauce which all sounds delicious to anyone apart from me who does not subscribe at all to the Caramilk hype. Don’t come for me, Caramilk fans.

9. Birthday McFlurry

Maccas 50th celebration
Image supplied

McDonald’s Australia celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and brought with it the Birthday Cake McFlurry, which combined pieces of custard pie, sprinkles and caramel sauce with soft serve ice cream.

It’s kind of reminiscent of those frozen birthday cakes you’d get if you ever had a party at a McDonald’s restaurant, but it’s the custard pie that really throws off the vibe here.

Bonus: Milo McFlurry

It seems un-Australian that other countries around the world can enjoy a Milo McFlurry, but we Australians cannot.

The delicious malt chocolate powder is a perfect companion for soft-serve ice cream, and yet, we haven’t seen the Milo McFlurry on the menu for years. It’s high time for it to return, and then we can see where it truly ranks on this list.

Now, I’ve probably missed a dozen limited-edition flavours on this list, so let’s hear all about them in the comments. Do you have a favourite McFlurry? Let us know.

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