After 10 Years, McDonald’s Has Brought Back the Maltesers McFlurry

After 10 Years, McDonald’s Has Brought Back the Maltesers McFlurry

It’s always exciting when McDonald’s brings out a new menu item. It’s even more exciting when that menu item happens to be a collaboration with another of your favourite snacks. Following on from the epic Cadbury Caramilk McFlurry, Macca’s has come out with another exciting ice cream combo with a classic chocolate brand, bringing us the limited edition Maltesers McFlurry.

That’s right. The quintessential movie snack meets the go-to late-night hungover dessert. A match made in heaven if you ask us.

The new dessert features McDonald’s iconic soft serve topped with milk chocolate Maltesers and sweet chocolate sauce.

“We know how much love there is for our McFlurry collaborations, so we are very excited to launch the Maltesers McFlurry and bring together our iconic soft serve with light and delicious Maltesers. If you’re looking for an afternoon snack or dessert after dinner, the Maltesers McFlurry will satisfy those cravings every time,” said Liz Whitbread, Senior Brand Manager for McDonald’s Australia.

The Maltesers McFlurry will be available for a limited time only starting Wednesday, March 22. You’ll be able to find it at all Macca’s restaurants across the country and can be ordered via the MyMacca’s app and with McDelivery.

This comes ten years after the Maltesers McFlurry was last offered in Australia. Can it maybe stick around this time?

This news comes shortly after the soft launch of McDonald’s new chocolate soft serve, which is progressively being rolled out across the country. Having recently discovered and tested this myself I can vouch for it elevating the McFlurry game significantly, so you can just imagine what pairing chocolate soft serve with this Maltesers variant will bring.

If you’re looking for a savoury item to eat before your dessert, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you that Macca’s offers potato scallops now (or potato cakes, if you prefer).


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