iPhone XI Launch: Everything You Need To Know

iPhone XI Launch: Everything You Need To Know
Image: YouTube/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next iPhone launch is just a few days away, with the big reveal set to take place on September 11. (No, Apple isn’t being insensitive – it’s actually September 10 in America but we get it on September 11 due to the time zone difference.)

There’s been a barrage of leaks and speculations, as expected, so to help you rummage through them all, we’ve summarised everything you need to know in a neat little TL;DR.

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How many new iPhones will there be?

iPhone XI Launch: Everything You Need To KnowImage: Nood Cases

Apple is expected to announce three devices for its iPhone 11 series; the regular iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max (a plus-sized one) and a new powered-up entry, the iPhone Pro. There’s speculation Apple may continue its newly-adopted Roman numbering, with the Max and Pro models going by ‘XI’ instead of ’11’.

While the regular and Plus models were already anticipated due to previous iPhone launches, the Pro is certainly a new initiative for Apple. iPads have had a ‘Pro’ version since 2015, the iPhones have sadly been neglected from this release strategy.

It’s not really known at this stage what makes it pro, but it’s been speculated to have a bigger screen, a three-lens camera array and inbuilt Apple Pencil functionality. In other words, it will essentially be Apple’s stab at a Samsung Note. However, don’t be surprised if you have to buy the stylus – and a magnetic case to hold it – separately. (Tim Cook gotta eat.)

iPhone 11 news specs and features

iPhone XI Launch: Everything You Need To KnowImage: Nood Cases

There are a number of brand-new features speculated to be making their debut on the iPhone 11. Remember, this isn’t an ‘S’ year, which means a more substantial upgrade is coming. Chief among these is a three-lens camera array which will boast 3D-sensing and stereoscopic vision, according to Bloomberg.

In August, Apple Hub released a leak of the suspected specs and if it’s true, we’re in for some good stuff:

All the devices, according to the leak, will feature A13 bionic chips, an upgrade to the A12 chips currently being used by the latest models. This should translate to faster multitasking and a better user experience when it comes to the latest processor-hungry games and apps.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the inclusion of the aforementioned Apple Pencil. The entry-level option allegedly doesn’t have Apple Pencil support while the other two models will. The stylus already exists as an optional accessory for iPads.

Disappointingly, the leaked specs point towards lightweight batteries compared to other phones on the market. These will range from a 3110 mAh battery for the base model to 3500 mAh for the Pro model. For reference, the Samsung Note 10 came with a 4,300mAh battery.

The leak also claimed the iPhone 11 Max would carry the ‘Pro’ naming, which would mean we’re getting two ‘Pro’ models and one bade model. So we’ll have to wait to see how accurate that report really is.

Is Apple releasing anything else?

iPhone XI Launch: Everything You Need To KnowImage: Apple

While everyone mostly cares about just the new iPhones, there will be other things launched on September 11 too.

We’ll almost certainly learn more about the Netflix competitor Apple TV+, which we still don’t know much about despite being slated to launch in spring. While Apple has teased a bunch of original programming, it still hasn’t released the pricing or a concrete launch date.

With Disney+ having already announced its (extremely affordable) pricing, don’t be surprised if Apple uses the event to talk up its new streaming platform. The same goes for Apple Arcade; another subscription service offering a selection of games each month.

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Aside from the above, we’ll likely get a better idea of what to expect from (deep breath) the Apple Watch Series 5, the upcoming MacBook Pro models, a possible iPad and iPad Pro refresh, AirPods 3 and an Apple TV dongle to compete with Amazon’s Fire Stick and Google Chromecast. There’s also rumours about some Google Glass-like AR eyewear that we’re especially intrigued about.

Ideally, iOS 13 will finally be launched too. Basically, strap in because Apple’s had a lot in the works and hopefully, it’ll choose to unveil it all.

Sign me up, how do I watch it?

You’ll be able to watch the live event at 3am on Wednesday, September 11 AEST (Western Australians will get it stream at the less torturous time of 1am). You can tune in on Apple’s event page or hit up the YouTube video below.

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  • Remember, this isn’t an ‘S’ year, which means a more substantial upgrade is coming.

    So far nothing about this phone seems more substantial!
    A better camera? Who cares!?

  • I was hoping for some more substantial improvements. The 11 is a nice update. But it doesn’t blow me away like some of the previous models did on release.

    Hopefully, we get something more substantial with the next release.

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