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A new report indicates that Apple is planning to update its line of MacBooks at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month, but will the same machines with minor tweaks be enough to win back mindshare from its fresher competition?

A yearly iterative rejig is nothing new or unexpected for Apple's devices, but what's different this time is that rival Microsoft is also currently making moves in the laptop and home computer space, providing a point of comparison that Apple's not used to. Like many Apple products the various MacBooks were revolutionary at their introduction, but a procession of very similar units has left them feeling stale.


I guess Apple got fed up with all the other guides on the internet explaining how one takes photos with the iPhone. Well, the iPhone 7 specifically. So, the company has gone to the trouble of putting together a series of tutorial videos to make sure people can take great mobile shots, while satisfying their inner hipster.


Last week, during Apple's quarterly earnings call, the company announced they were holding more than US$250B in cash. That's a lot of loose change behind the couch cushions at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. What should they do with that cash? While money in the bank might warm the cockles of Apple's shareholders' hearts, the best use for cash is doing something useful with it. Here are five things I think Apple should do with their cash (aside from cover my mortgage!).


Your Mac is running a little slow these days. It takes forever to boot up. You have to delete something just to download that file attachment from Carla in accounting. Any time you stream a video it seems to lock up for a few seconds. Let's fix all that.


When the Apple Watch was released a couple of years ago, it signalled a further step Apple was taking to ingratiate themselves into every aspect of our increasingly digital lifestyle and workplace. The closest parallel I can think of is the iPad. When it was released many, including me, questioned Apple's strategy as it looked a lot like a solution looking for a problem to solve. But it spawned a massive market that was followed by Android devices and, ultimately, the Microsoft Surface and a new way to think about mobile computing. The Apple Watch seemed to be a similar play but it's not working out the same way.


With just two weeks until the new Samsung Galaxy S8 hits stores in Australia, it’s time to ask the tough questions. Is the edge-to-edge ‘Infinity’ display all it’s cracked up to be? What’s the deal with DeX and does it work?

But perhaps most importantly: is it cheaper to buy an S8 on a plan than an iPhone 7?


If you've ever had a Mac with a Wi-Fi hardware problem, then you know that attempting to use a USB dongle to fix your Wi-Fi has long been a funky experience. That's especially been the case over the last couple versions of macOS. Thankfully, Edimax has released an adaptor that not only works on current and previous operating systems, it might even work in the future.


iOS: Apple Clips, Apple's newest app, is an attempt at making a video editing app that works something like Snapchat or Instagram, without the social component. The end result is a bit baffling to use, though it does show some promise.


Apple has been using GPUs from British company Imagination. Well, today, Imagination is a company in crisis as their key customer has decided to move on and roll their own GPUs. Given Apple's acquisition of other chip makers and their desire to "control the whole widget" this is hardly surprising. But there's a lesson for all us about eggs and baskets.


Last week's announcement by the ACCC to block a number of banks from acting as a block in negotiating with Apple over access to Apple Pay was hardly a surprise, given previous comments by the business regulator. But it says a lot about some of the wealthiest and most powerful businesses in the country that they felt the need to get help from the regulator.