Sarah Basford

Sarah Basford

Sarah Basford is a writer for Gizmodo Australia and covers a broad range of topics including tech issues, science, environment and entertainment. She has been working as a digital journalist for three years having been published in Australian Geographic and The BRAG previously.

In 2020, Sarah and a group of young journalists passionate about science communication launched Australia’s first climate change magazine, Sweaty City, which looks at how climate change affects the country’s youth without using the big, scary buzzwords. She insists print is definitely not dead so don’t try to tell her otherwise, okay.
Outside of being a news junkie, you can find Sarah tending to her dying herb and veggie patch and desperately trying to get through a book before she’s distracted by the next phone ping.

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pet lick dogs cats death

Yes, Letting a Pet Lick You Can Be Deadly

We’ve likely all had a friendly dog give us a slobbery smooch at some point in our lives but, in some cases, it can actually be fatal. Any good dog lover will tell you their dog loves to show its love by delivering a slurpy lick directly to their face….