Report: Are Apple Fans Finally Getting An iPhone Pro?

Report: Are Apple Fans Finally Getting An iPhone Pro?
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While the iPad has had a ‘Pro’ version since 2015 to differentiate from its more basic (read: pleb) offering, the iPhone has stuck to a pretty simple lineup – an entry model and a plus-size. But a new leak has suggested the iPhone 11 series might be the one to break the spell and introduce a ‘Pro’ offering, though it’s still unclear what will make it the professional‘s choice. Here’s what we know so far.

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While Apple has yet to announce anything about the iPhone 11 series, the rumour mill has naturally been theorising and speculating about what it could entail. One Twitter account, CoinX, known for accurately leaking the names of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR before they were officially announced, has suggested there’s an upcoming Pro version.

The Tweeter provided no further details but MacRumours has received a similar tip suggesting the three-lens camera model will be titled the ‘iPhone 11 Pro’.

Last month, a bunch of leaks were released online after Apple provided dummy phones for case and accessories manufacturers. One YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, detailed some physical features like the three-lens camera butt and notes there are three offerings he calls the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. It’s potentially the 11R or Max that’s likely to come as a ‘Pro’ with presumably upgraded features over the other models.

We’ll know a lot more next month when Apple is due to release some info about what is coming and when we can get our sweaty fingers on it.

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  • Ugh! These phones are already too expensive, adding a pro line at a higher price point is just too much to bare. I’ll forgive them if they rename the XS line to pro but if it’s a new tier that’s ridiculous.
    I reckon if they did they might have another audience gasp in their keynote cos that will cost more than a monitor stand.

  • Is it needed though?

    The other Pro Models have a function. They are primarily aimed at professionals who need that stuff in a tablet or computer.

    But what features to they need in a phone they don’t already get with the Ipad pro?

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