The iPhone 11 Wants You To Be A Better Photographer

The iPhone 11 Wants You To Be A Better Photographer
Image: YouTube/Cult of Mac

Smartphones have impressive cameras, but they can’t fix bad photographers. But a rumoured new feature in the iPhone 11 might save people from some of their bad habits.

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While Apple has yet to confirm what’s actually under the hood of the three models, likely to be released in a few months, 9to5Mac has alleged they will come with a feature called Smart Frame. The feature will capture extra information when you take a photo and will allow you to adjust the framing or perspective of it image in case you screwed up.

That extra part of the photo will be discarded after a short while for privacy reasons.

Leaked dummy versions of the unreleased models also indicate they’ll come with a huge camera bump on the rear, allowing way for three cameras. They’ll allegedly offer advanced 3D-sensing, stereoscopic vision and are capable of capturing wide-angle images.

An announcement from Apple regarding the iPhone 11’s launch dates is expected in early September, or whenever iPhone Day is scheduled.

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