How To Design Your Own Perfect Sex Toy

Sex toys are extremely personal items, but people still mostly buy assembly-line stuff. If you’ve graduated beyond the one-size-fits-all sex toy, here’s how you can design the perfect shape for your needs.

The Sex Toy Collective, as noted by Girly Juice, is an organisation that encourages “sex toy positivity and reducing stigmas” around the use of dildos, butt plugs, and anything else you might use to get off. to that purpose, they created the Dildo-Sculptor tool, which allows users to design the exact shape and size sex toy they want.

You can then download the .STL file that will allow you to have it 3D printed. You can also check out what other people have designed in their gallery for ideas.

Don’t have your own 3D printer? Don’t worry. The STC recommends that you use a printing service like 3Dhubs, which can make prints for between $10 and $30 (depending on size). That’s not the end of the process, however — the print itself is not the sex toy. It’s used to make a mould, which then can gets filled with silicone.

STC offers these instructions on how to make the mould and buy non-toxic materials for your final piece. But how do you know what they want? In an email to Lifehacker, STC’s editor Ian offered these tips.


First of all, where is this thing going to go? Ian writes that the popularity of certain shapes depends on insertion.

The ideal shape depends on how the dildo will be used. For vaginal penetration, a curved shape with a slightly bulbous tip is popular for g-spot stimulation, like this lovely dildo. For anal, that same shape is good for prostate stimulation and prostate milking.

He adds that for anal, a straight shape is easier for insertion than a curved one. People with more anal experience, however, can accommodate more interesting shapes.

A beaded shape “sends waves of pleasure through the body as each bead pops past the sphincter,” according to Ian, and a bigger, longer one is good for “depth fanatics”. He shared this large butt plug as an example of that style. Finally, a spiral shape is good for diagonal stimulation, if you want to hit every spot.

Check out shapes in person and read reviews

If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are there are sex toy shops where you can get an in-person view of what seems appealing. Ian says that there’s a difference between sex shop boutiques and what he calls “XXX shops”, because the former are generally owned by women.

The latter are more oriented towards straight men, and are less likely to have dildos on display that you can touch. STC actually has a map of boutiques if you want to find the one closest to you.

If you can’t reach a shop, Ian recommends reading Amazon reviews of sex toys to get a sense of the design’s benefits and limitations, and how it’s working for real people. Then, when you’re designing your own, you can adhere to an existing pattern with some slight adjustments.

There is also a subreddit for sex toys, /r/SexToys, which includes more reviews. Dangerous Lilly is a site where sex toy reviewers list their size and shape preferences, so you know you’re reading the perspective of someone who has similar needs as you.

Common mistakes

The biggest mistakes people make when they’re designing their own dildos is focusing too much on the insertion part; you want to be able to get your toy out, too. Make sure there’s always a flared base on any dildo you make or buy.

Ian adds, “Another mistake is making the design too jagged or having too many crevices, which makes it difficult to clean and could lead to bacteria build-up and infections.”

It might be exciting to have lots of interesting dildo topography, but make sure you’re keeping your sex toy pristine and that it isn’t too rough on you.


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