Travelling with Sex Toys: Avoid Those Awkward Airport Security Moments

Travelling with Sex Toys: Avoid Those Awkward Airport Security Moments
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A recent study revealed that over 50 percent of couples are more likely to get frisky while on their vacation, and it’s no surprise really. If stress is one of the biggest contributors to loss of libido, then it’s not rocket science to figure out that less stress = more sex. And isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Now, if you’re someone who likes to add a lil’ something extra to your sexytime, and are lucky enough to be travelling abroad this year for your vacation, you may want to take a sex toy with you.

Here are some things you’ll need to think about before you pack your buzzy friend.

1. First and foremost, check that it’s legal to take sex toys into the country you’re travelling to.

Not all countries or states are cool with sex toys, so to avoid having your toys confiscated or, worse, landing yourself a hefty fine or jail time, do your research before you pack your pleasure collection.

2. Bear in mind regular flying regulations, particularly if you plan to take lube or battery-operated toys with you.

Always make sure you pack your lube as you would any other liquids (in a clear plastic bag in a volume less than 100ml) and remove batteries from toys. Best practice is to buy a new pack of batteries before you travel. Leave them in their original packaging for transit and only open them when you reach your destination.

3. Avoid taking toys which could be used as a weapon or a restraint.

Theses include whips, heavy metal dildos, rope and handcuffs. Leave those toys at home for when you return.

4. Rechargeable toy? Make sure it has a travel lock.

It’s vital that your toy doesn’t switch on by itself during transit (the last thing you want is to be responsible for late takeoff or worse, an unscheduled landing), so if you’re taking a rechargeable toy, make sure it has a travel lock for worry-free transport.

5. Remember, TSAs see sex toys all the time.

Yours definitely isn’t the first, and won’t be the last they encounter. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be stopped for carrying a sex toy, particularly if you follow the tips above, but if you do happen to be stopped, own it. There’s nothing more suspicious than a nervous traveller so, if you do get asked about your toy, don’t try to skirt around the subject. Be upfront and tell them straight: it’s a sex toy. There’s no shame in adding more leisure time to your vacay.

6. And finally, if your toy is one of a kind / can’t be replaced / practically part of the family, leave it at home.

If, in a worst case scenario, airport security tell you you can’t travel with your toy, it’s not worth arguing (unless you want to cancel your holiday). If you have a particularly precious toy you simply can’t live without long term, it’s best to leave it at home for when you return.

So, now you know the basics, which are the best toys to travel with?

Here are our top 6 picks:

1. Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lube (100ml)

Leave the security seal intact to saunter straight through security checks.

2. Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

Doubles up as an eye mask for those long haul flights!

3. Lovehoney Oh! Kiss Me Lipstick Vibrator

This discreet bullet vibrator is cleverly disguised as a lipstick for subtle sexytimes. Use it to stimulate any external hotspots you desire. Just remember to remove the battery before you travel.

4. Tingletip Electric Toothbrush Adaptor

Got an electric toothbrush? Replace the head with this nifty attachment to transform it into a gender-neutral external vibrator. Perfect for clitorises, nipples, penises and more! Plus, at only two inches in length, this petite, lightweight accessory is sure to fit in any travel case.

5. Womanizer 2GO USB Rechargeable Lipstick Clitoral Stimulator

An upgrade on the Lovehoney Oh! Lipstick vibe, this suction toy is USB rechargeable for worldwide power, and is super-discreet. With the lid on, it looks just like a perfume, and with the lid off, an oversized lippy!

6. TENGA Egg Wavy Textured Male Masturbator

For globetrotting penis-owners, this pocket-sized stroker is a perfect choice. Only slightly bigger than an actual chicken egg, the hard case hides a super-stretchy, pliable textured stroker that expands up to 8 inches in length. Just add lube!

Jess Wilde is a blogger and sexpert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.

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