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You wanted: Google Pixel 3 details, eBay Plus news, Amazon's retreat from Australia and everything that happens to your gut when you eat a Big Mac.

  1. Pixel 3 Has Been Spotted In The Wild (And It Has A Notch!)
    Deakin University's Global Obesity Centre (GLOBE) has released a report ranking Australia's 11 largest fast-food restaurants based on their commitment to healthy eating. Domino's Pizza was the worst offender by a significant margin, scoring just 3/100. (Blame the garlic bread.)
  2. Australia's Unhealthiest Fast Food Franchises, Ranked
    People are still angry about The Last Jedi and another Star Wars film is about to drop. SOLO: A Star Wars Story is the second Anthology series film, following in the steps of Rogue One before it. Though it releases in a week's time, we have all the juicy spoilers right here. Which means, yes, this article is FULL. OF. SPOILERS. If you want to go in to the film blind, don't click through. If you're keen to hear exactly how it all plays out - this is the article for you.
  3. It's Official: Amazon US Website Blocked In Australia [Updated]
    It was the move we all dreaded was coming: Australian shoppers will no longer be able to shop on Amazon's US site as the company shifts focus to its local offering. You have one more month to make your final overseas purchases.
  4. Everything That Happens When You Digest A Big Mac
    Are you planning to head to McDonald's for a cheeky Big Mac this arvo? You might want to run your eyes over this infographic first - it explains all the ways an Aussie Big Mac affects your body one hour after scoffing it down. (Surprise, surprise: It turns out they aren't particularly good for you.)
  5. The Insider's Guide To Shopping At JB Hi-Fi
    JB Hi-Fi is one of Australia’s most well-known retailers and home to some of the sharpest reviews in the country. While we’ve previously explained how you should always ask for a deal at JB Hi-Fi, these tips from an insider will help you to get the most out of your trip to the black and yellow behemoth whether you’re in the market for video games, a new laptop or a fridge.
  6. One Million Cars Added To Takata Airbag Recall List: Check Your Vehicle Here
    The list of vehicles requiring replacement of defective Takata airbags continues to grow, with the ACCC adding a further million vehicles to a future recall list. With two in seven vehicles on Australian roads requiring replacement, there's a decent chance your vehicle is on the list. We have all the information on the recall here.
  7. eBay Plus: Everything You Need To Know
    Call it the Amazon effect. eBay Australia is gearing up to offer customers free delivery and returns via a new membership option called eBay Plus. It also comes with a host of special offers and features exclusive to eBay Plus members. Here's everything you need to know.
  8. Nine Slang Terms That Divide The Nation
    Chuck on your bathers, we're going down to the beach. We've packed some fritz for lunch, we'll hit the fish'n'chip shop to grab some potato fritters and afterwards we're going to head to the playground and jump on the slippery dip. Don't forget to top up your water bottle at the drinking fountain.
  9. Australia's Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed
    When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, the performance in our homes varies quite a bit, especially during the evening peak times.
  10. Netflix Australia: This Week's Best New Movies And TV Shows
    We've already listed everything coming to Netflix this month - but separating the critical gems from the box-office duds can be tricky. To save you the trouble, we've shortlisted the best movies and TV shows that were added in the past week or are due to appear over the next seven days.


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