One Million Cars Added To Takata Airbag Recall List: Check Your Vehicle Here

One Million Cars Added To Takata Airbag Recall List: Check Your Vehicle Here
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The list of vehicles requiring replacement of defective Takata airbags continues to grow, with the ACCC adding a further million vehicles to a future recall list. With two in seven vehicles on Australian roads requiring replacement, there’s a decent chance your vehicle is on the list. We have all the information on the recall here.

A manufacturing defect exposed a serious flaw in the Takata-produced airbags, whereby humidity and heat could result in the airbag emitting tiny bits of exploded metal when activated. As a result, a worldwide recall of the airbags is currently underway. Notably, due to a shortage in replacement bags, the recall has had to be staggered – giving priority to older vehicles and those that are housed in areas of high heat and humidity.

Thus, the ACCC now have two lists dealing with the recall – those under active recall (where manufacturers should already be contacting customers to have the airbags replaced) – and those under future recall, whereby they list vehicles that will soon require replacement airbags and the dates that they will enter into the active recall list.

The list of vehicles currently under active recall can be found here – you should check whether your vehicle is affected, as two in seven cars on Australian roads will require replacement.

The ACCC also includes a list of makes and models that will come under their future recall, with dates ranging from May 2018 all the way into 2019. Included in this list are cars manufactured by 15 different manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat Chrysler, GM Holden, Honda, Land Rover, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, Skoda and Volkswagen. The idea is that if your vehicle is listed on the future recalls list, you should ensure the manufacturer has your details on hand so they can contact you about sorting out a replacement airbag for your vehicle. With some makes entering active recall this month, it’s worth checking whether you’re on this list.

The future recall list is available here, courtesy of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

By July 1, each manufacturer is required to have a tool where you can check your VIN and see if you need replacement. Some are already available at the link above.

To understand a little more about the recall, you can check the link below:

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