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You wanted: what's new on Netflix, Australia's favourite hot chips, Google Pixel software tweaks and more!

  1. Which Fast Food Brand Makes The Best Hot Chips?
    Hot chips are an important - nay, essential component of any takeaway meal. (Hell, even Domino's and Pizza Hut have been getting in on the action in recent years.) This begs the question: which fast food franchise offers Australia's tastiest chip? Let the battle of the deep-fried spud moguls commence!
  2. Four Software Tweaks That Make Google Pixel Even Better
    If you're looking for an Android smartphone you could do a lot worse than a Google Pixel. The company's handsets promise cutting-edge hardware and instant updates to all the latest software - but that doesn't mean they're perfect.
  3. Telstra Finally Has An Unlimited Data Phone Plan (And It's A Goodun!)
    Telstra has been infamously stingy with its mobile data allowances in the past, but that could be set to change. The telco just announced the launch of its first smartphone plan with unlimited data - and it's better than expected! Here are the details.
  4. New On Netflix Australia: The Best Just-Added Movies And TV Shows
    Each month, Netflix adds tons of new movies and TV shows to its library. Here are our ten best picks from the last seven days. That's your weekend viewing sorted!
  5. Don't Ditch Your Galaxy S7, Give It An (Android 8.0) Oreo
    Android: It's been a little over two years since the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. If you're still holding on to yours, you're probably itching to upgrade to a new device - especially since Samsung still hasn't updated either S7 smartphone to Android 8.0 Oreo. Don't toss your older device just yet, though; your cookie might be here sooner than you think.
  6. NBN Co Finally Blames Copper For All Its Woes
    When the NBN was first touted over a decade ago, we expected a high-speed network using the latest technology. But after a change in government we saw the original vision crushed and we landed with the multi-technology mix pushed by the Coalition government.
  7. Ten Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier
    It will come as no surprise that, as the editor of a website devoted to productivity, I'm obsessive about refining the details of my tech life to be certain every element is helping me get the job done. While I have software that I swear by (WriteRoom, Deckset, Evernote), I'm more of an evangelist for browser extensions.
  8. Avengers: Infinity War - Here Are All The Spoilers!
    Marvel's end of the world party and penultimate (currently-announced) Avengers film, Infinity War arrived in cinemas last weekend and will probably break every cinema record ever. Under normal circumstances, a new MCU flick requires you to shut yourself off from the world until you can blindly stumble your way into a cinema, lest someone spoil all the good stuff and those post-credits scenes. But normal circumstances be damned! You want to know what happens! So let's find out.
  9. The Best 'Bang-For-Buck' NBN 100 Plans In Australia
    There are a few simple pleasures that are universally enjoyed by tech lovers. Peeling the plastic off the screen of a new phone, for example. But few compare to watching a huge download tear down the pipes in big, fat chunks.
  10. How Telstra And Vodafone Can Sell You 'Unlimited' Mobile Data, With Limits
    Both Telstra and Vodafone unveiled unlimited data plans for mobile customers this week and some are, again, questioning the use of the term 'unlimited'. Rightly so! We've seen it all before with ADSL broadband, they say!


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