Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: NBN speed hate, Google’s new Pixel phone, business class flight hacks. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. NBN Plans Faster Than 100Mbps – What A JokeThe NBN trucks have been working in my neighbourhood and, according to the advertising material in my letterbox, I’ll soon be able to access faster speeds and all the goodness that comes from this major nation-building infrastructure project.
  2. Netflix Is Nuking Over 200 Shows This Week
    It’s that time of the month again when Netflix deletes a bunch of third-party content off its service. Normally, we’d advise you to watch these movies and TV shows while you still have the chance – but this week, that’s mathematically impossible.
  3. Everything We Know About Google’s New Pixel Phone
    There have been rumours for a while now that Google has been planning to release an all new Pixel 3 smartphone pitched at people looking for a lower-cost alternative to its flagship handsets. It now looks like those rumours are confirmed following leaks corroborated by references in the Android Q beta source code.
  4. Check Business Class Prices Before Booking an Economy Ticket
    My typical experience with business class on a flight is my very brief walk through its aisles as I make my way toward the back. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Seats that become beds. Plenty of leg room. And hot nuts! Hot nuts everywhere.
  5. Everything Coming To Australian Netflix This Week (March 25)
    Here is your Netflix binge-list for the week, fresh from the Australian servers! This week’s noteworthy additions include Santa Clarita Diet Season 3, the Black Mirror-style sci-fi series Osmosis, video game adaptation Bayonetta and the nail-biting thriller Don’t Breathe
  6. Australia’s Best NBN 50 Plan Has Been Crowned
    Sick of searching for NBN plans? Wish someone would just tell you which plan to pick? Every week, we review over 1,400 plan documents across the telco space in order to find the plans with the best value. Here’s our current winner. When it comes to “everyday” NBN plans, our ruler for the month is Exetel’s unlimited data NBN 50 plan. Here’s why.
  7. Motorola Is Bringing Back The RAZR As a Foldable Smartphone
    Back in the early 2000s, one of the most popular mobile phones on the market was the Motorola RAZR. There were several generations of RAZR and it boasted a decent main display, for its time, a slick looking keypad and an external display so you could see incoming call numbers without having to open the flip phone.
  8. Optus Has A Great Pixel 3XL Deal (Especially For Data Hogs)
    The Google Pixel 3 range might be six months old, but it remains one of the best smartphone options on the market by a considerable margin. With instant access to the latest version of Android and a great battery and camera, it does a lot to stand out from the crowd.
  9. The Best Time To Buy Flights In 2019, Based On 917 Million Airfares
    When you’re planning a holiday one of the biggest factors to consider, or at least the priciest, is airfare. When you buy your plane ticket can often have as much impact on its price as where you’re travelling to.
  10. What’s New On Netflix This Weekend (March 29)
    Netflix Australia isn’t releasing its big guns until April – but it still has a bunch of new movies and TV to get you through the weekend, including some stellar original content. Read on for everything coming to the service this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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