Telstra Finally Has An Unlimited Data Phone Plan (And It’s A Goodun!)

Telstra Finally Has An Unlimited Data Phone Plan (And It’s A Goodun!)
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Telstra has been infamously stingy with its mobile data allowances in the past, but that could be set to change. The telco just announced the launch of its first smartphone plan with unlimited data – and it’s better than expected! Here are the details.

It’s taken an intolerably long time, but Telstra is finally dragging itself into the right decade with an unlimited mobile data plan. Well, kind of.

Available from 3 May, the 12-month Endless Data BYO Plan will set you back $69 per month. This works out to a minimum total spend of $828. You can see what’s included below:

So that’s $69 per month for 40GB on the super-fast 4G network. If you manage to churn through that, you can still access unlimited data at slower 1.5Mbps speeds. (Telstra notes that speeds may be slowed
further during “busy periods”.)

The deal also includes unlimited calls/texts, Telstra Air public Wi-Fi access and free streaming access to AFL, AFLW, NRL and Netball games for the 2018 season, excluding Grand Finals and State Of Origin.

As its name suggests, the Endless Data BYO Plan requires you to bring your own phone. Yes, there are cheaper big data plans on the market, but if you’re already stuck on a Telstra contract or live in a regional area, this is a pretty decent deal. Crucially, you’re not saddled to the plan for the atypical 24 months – hurrah!


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