Which Fast Food Brand Makes The Best Hot Chips?

Which Fast Food Brand Makes The Best Hot Chips?

Hot chips are an important – nay, essential component of any takeaway meal. (Hell, even Domino’s and Pizza Hut have been getting in on the action in recent years.) This begs the question: which fast food franchise offers Australia’s tastiest chip? Let the battle of the deep-fried spud moguls commence!

According to the Boise Fry Company, there’s a specific algorithm for perfectly cooked hot chips. We’re pretty sure the average fry jockey at McDonald’s, KFC and Hungry Jack’s do not follow this formula, but that doesn’t mean their wares aren’t worth eating. Indeed, most fast food fans have a ‘big brand’ chippy that they swear by.

We want to hear which franchise makes your favourite chip. Do you prefer the traditional French Fries made by McDonald’s, or the thicker, softer chips found at KFC? Perhaps you enjoy Hungry Jack’s fluffy hybrid offering, or the spicier options at Nando’s?

As a kid, I used to be partial to Red Rooster’s hot chips due to their liberal use of chicken salt. Sadly, heart disease ruined this for everyone and the sodium levels have been drastically reduced. Tch.

To cast your vote, simply click your favourite in the poll below!

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There's An Algorithm For Perfectly Cooked Chips [Infographic]

Hot chips come in many shapes and sizes. Some people prefer thick 'n' chunky steak fries. Others are more partial to the classic French fry. More still prescribe to crinkle cut (these people are weird). Whatever your chip preference, this algorithm will ensure they turn out perfectly, every time. (Micky Mouse/Amphibious Landing Craft shape not included.)

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  • I miss the old Fish ‘n Chip shops we used to have all over the place (usually owned by a Greek family – at least all the ones near me used to be). They used to do the best chips. There are still a bunch of them around but they’re different these days. Maybe it’s different “healthier” oil or buying pre-cut chips instead of making their own, or maybe it’s the low sodium they use but it’s just not the same.

    • Probably because they use pre-cut frozen chips.

      My local chip shop used to be the last ones to use fresh potatoes but they became more expensive and as a consequence you got less chips.

      After they went frozen they were never the same.

    • Ask them to cook them a bit more so they are extra crispy, any take away will happily do this for you. It’s a fairly unique ask, so if you patronise them often, they will recognise you by the request and possibly give you good service or more chips etc.

      • That’s not the problem. It’s that they have no consistency when cooking chips. Sometimes they’re just about perfect – crispy on the outside and almost fluffy in the middle. Others they’re undercooked or overcooked, or cooked long enough but at the wrong temperature so they come out…. weird. I reckon they get it right maybe one time in six 🙁

        And to be honest, even when they get it right they still don’t taste the same. Rose coloured glasses maybe, or maybe it’s the oil/frozen chips/something else.

          • Yeah obviously not every takeaway is going to be bad. It really comes down to the cooks. I suspect ours suffer because they’re getting staff turnover so they’re not really learning how to do it right before they’re gone.

    • This, fresh kingsleys chips with gravy was great, still prefer the KFC seasoning but the kingsleys chips were better.
      worked there during uni, got to try many non sellable concoctions, favourite was a chip and gravy roll that I suggested we sold but they thought was too common/trashy.
      I can probably remember the cooking times, temps, and brand if I think back and anyone is interested.

  • Really should have done two polls

    1. Which is the best chip (Minus flavouring)
    2. Which place has the best flavouring.

    Because i think KFC is mostly winning due to their legendary Chicken salt.

  • KFC are the best… When done right! The problem is consistency, McDonald’s at least are consistent all the time whilst KFC I’ve found can be a bit hit and miss unfortunately.

  • The two closest KFCs to me must never change their fry oil because the chips always taste off. They also don’t put enough chicken salt, Oportos is way better!

    • I almost always ask for extra salt when getting KFC chips. Just to make sure there is plenty on there. Because while KFC chips are the best. They are wildly inconsistent in their quality. Sometimes i get perfect chips from them, Other times from the very same store they are terrible, Soggy and have barely if not any at all salt on them.

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