12 World-Famous Companies That Used To Have Rubbish Names [Infographic]

Branding is incredibly important when you’re trying to build a new business. Sometimes, a company strikes gold on the very first try and their brand becomes instantly iconic. Other times, the name fails to register with customers and a return to the drawing board is required. This infographic reveals what 12 famous brands used to be called: from Pepsi Cola (formerly “Brad’s Drink”) to Nike (“Blue Ribbon Sports”). We think they made the right choice.

It’s important not to be too attached to your company’s name when you first go to market. While brand consistency has many benefits, there’s no point saddling yourself to a bland identity that nobody likes. The following companies all changed their names during their history – either to reverse flagging fortunes or to represent a change in services. With the possible exception of RIM, they all went on to bigger and better things after the name change.

If you’re considering a complete brand revamp, it’s comforting to know there’s a precedence for this kind of thing at the highest level. Whether your company’s name is too long, doesn’t describe your business properly or just plain doesn’t fit, it’s never too late to change!

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