Find The Best Clothing Brands For Your Body Type [Infographic]

Many clothing brands seem to be designed with specific body types in mind. For a more flattering look, it's best to wear brands that fit you best. This infographic highlights popular brands to fit your body type.

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The below infographic is based on over 150,000 recommendations from Fitbay users, a social networking app that connects people with similar bodies and style. For each body shape, BMI range and height range, the graphic offers three brand recommendations. (I can attest to two of the recommended brands fitting me well.)

While most of the featured brands are from the US, many are available to buy from Australian retailers or online stores.

Find the Best Brands for Your Body [Fitbay]

This Graphic Recommends the Best Clothing Brands for Your Body Type


    Wow how much is Fitbay paying for these?
    It's less than three weeks since the last near-identical piece

    So "5'7"+" is the top of the chart for women, and there's a 3 inch height range, then below 5'4". Interesting that the 3" in the middle are SO much different to warrant their own section, but I'm 6" above that 5'7" mark, so where's my special section?

    (On the plus side, I feel super tall if >5'7" is the tall benchmark...)

    This is spectacularly useless for the Australian market. Especially for the "heavy" (nice euphemism there) end of the scale. Half of these brands I've never heard of, let alone seen in stores. And Walmart?? What good does it do to recommend Walmart to us?

    Jeez I wouln't want to buy from the places for my height/build until i turn at least 50 years old. Such horribly uninspiring and daggy gear.

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