9 Minutes A Day Is The Magic Number For Better Personal Branding

9 Minutes A Day Is The Magic Number For Better Personal Branding

Professionals know it’s important to promote yourself to step up the corporate ladder. But if you think you don’t have the time for that, think again. Personal branding expert William Arruda says all you need is nine minutes every day.

Arruda says he researched the topic after LinkedIn asked him to come up with the best amount of time people need to spend on their own branding every day. He settled on nine minutes because it’s less daunting than a double-digit figure, you’re likely to be able to make and schedule that time daily, and it lets you focus on the task at hand without getting distracted or bogged down by its size. Plus, it also adds up as nine minutes per weekday translates into 45 minutes a week, or roughly one full work-week each year.

There are lots of things you can do for your personal brand in this time, Arruda says:

  1. Update your LinkedIn status, letting your contacts know what you are up to or what your opinion is on a timely topic.
  2. Reach out to a former colleague or manager to reinforce your connection.
  3. Discover your brand colour. Then use it in your personal communications, your email signature and your online profiles.
  4. Ask for feedback, recommendations and endorsements from managers, clients and other colleagues.
  5. Research thought-leaders in your area of expertise on the web and choose one or two to follow.
  6. Join a LinkedIn group and comment on a LinkedIn group post.
  7. Recommend and congratulate others in their careers, and send thank-you notes (written or email) to team members, colleagues and others who have made a significant contribution.
  8. Record your “Wins” for the week. Tracking all your successes will also keep you prepared for your annual performance review. Here’s a worksheet you can use to capture your wins.
  9. Write your 3D Brand Bio. (Arruda explains this one in detail at the Forbes article linked below)

In fact, you could squeeze in many of the tips in our articles on how to grow your personal brand and how to promote yourself. Arruda has other good ideas for the 9 Minute Manifesto on his blog, along with this infographic that you can print out for inspiration.

Why 9 Is The Magic Number For Boosting Your Career [Forbes via The Daily Muse]

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