Brand Names You Might Be Pronouncing Incorrectly [Infographic]

There are a handful of brand names out there that are commonly mispronounced. A lot of it has to do with a mistranslation between languages, but it's still interesting to learn which brands you might be saying incorrectly. This infographic lays them out.

The infographic, from UK brand Made By Oomph, lists 30 brand names that are commonly mispronounced and tells you how to pronounce them properly. Keep in mind, the infographic is from the UK, so if you're in Australia, there are some brands you might be surprised to learn are commonly mispronounced in other parts of the world. Check out the infographic, then head to the full post below.

Brand Names You Might Be Pronouncing Incorrectly

[Via Made By Oomph]


    What the hell are half of these brands? Never even heard of most of them.

      A lot of them are global brands. Surprised you haven't heard of most of them.

    No Moet? (Mow-et). The Melb cup comes alive with 'mow-ay' each November.

      I think we can blame Craig David for that.

    Go on, tell us how to correctly pronounce Jaeger-LeCoultre then.

      wan-ker ler Comment-ter

    Agree with Brendo. Another US-Australia copy.

    New-tella is a surprising one though. It's made from hazelNUTs.

      I've replied to Brendo already. As I mentioned, a lot of these are global brands so surprised you guys haven't heard of at least 70% of them. There are a few luxury goods brands there so that might explain why. I only know some of them through my mum, who loves buying expensive goods... *shakes head*

      no they're made from hazelnewts

      now i'm picturing a newt... that's hazel in colour. I don't think that would make a good spread

    Braun isn't listed? Most English speakers say "brawn" but it's supposed to be much closer to "brown".

    And English speakers also pronounce "Studio Ghibli" incorrectly.

    I can't help but think that some of these are just accent problems, not exactly pronouncing it wrong. Like if there were a New Zealand company called ' Aotearoa Fish and Chips', we wouldnt say we were pronouncing it incorrectly if we didnt say 'Fush and chups'.

    This would be much more useful with sound bites as examples

    The Hyundai is clearly wrong... the pronounce the brand as hi-un-dye on the ads.

      In Australia it's pronounced hi-un-day for some reason, even on the ads, but in the Korea, US and Canada it's pronounced hun-day.

      This could a market thing; in Japan Matsuda is Mazda.

    Don't forget that Americans pronounce new as 'noo', so the Nutella pronunciation should be 'noo-tell-uh' (which is correct).

    When I learned German, and spoke German, in Germany, to Germans, there was always an L sound in Volkswagen. It's minor, but it's there.

      yeah, i have german heritage and i also disagree with the infograph on volkswagen. the L is definitely in there.

      From what I learnt of German, I would have said it was prnounced (as best as I can do in writing) Forlks Vagan.

    shev-ro-LET. bwahaha.


      There are people who call a wig a "toop" and a certain kind of car is a "coop".
      The accented e in Nestle, Nescafe, coupe and toupe seems to get lost.

    im surprised no one brought up the Lay-go, Leg-oh debate....

      upon some further investigation, it seems to be neither really. well lay if you have a US accent, leg if its more british, but in Danish its somewhere a little in between the two. someone said you need to listen to how a dane says the word 'leg' in their language and that's the sound.
      i grew up up saying it more lae-go, but meh...

    No matter what Target does, the brand will never be Tar-jay.

    Oh and Seh-gah... not See-Ga. Sega

    I will continue to say huawei as ha-wah-wee.

      It actually is hwah-way. The first h is often lightly aspirated but it is there.

    Bah, this is Australia, so I pronounce all names in as broad a strine as I can, no matter where they come from. Phuket.


    The Volkswagen one is incorrect.

    It's pronounced Vee Dub

    Some of the pronunciations were just shocking. Saw Hyunday and my mind popped right off the bat.
    The Au ad say hi-un-day
    This one sounds nothing like hun-day either

    The Nutella one seems odd. It's made from nuts, so it should be NUT-ella!

    The "correct" pronunciation for Hyundai is also wrong. Assuming that the company's name is suppose to be pronounced like a Japanese word and not that the company decided to use a non-standard pronunciation or something.

    "Hyundai" when written in Hiragana is "ひゅんだい" which is made up of four sounds: "hyu", "n", "da" and "i". "hyu" is like the first part of Hugh Jackman's name. "n" like the "N" in "Nelly". "da" like the "du" in "dud". And "i" like the "e" in "evil".

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