Yes, You Can Eat Avocado Pits

Yes, You Can Eat Avocado Pits

Banana peels were just the beginning you guys, because it turns out that you can eat avocado pits, and they are apparently very good for you.

Photo by Samantha Celera.

Why would you want to do this? Current research suggests that avocado pits “may improve hypercholesterolemia, and be useful in the treatment of hypertension, inflammatory conditions and diabetes. Seeds have also been found to possess insecticidal, fungicidal, and anti-microbial activities.”

Of course, this isn’t a simple matter of popping it in your mouth and mashing it up with your chops. According to Pure Wow, to make you avocado pit ingestible, you’ll have to grind it up into a powder using a high-power blender. (Personally, I’d give it a few wacks with a mallet before throwing it in there; you don’t want to hurt your blender.) Once you have a fine powder, mix it into your daily smoothie, acaai bowl, or whatever it is the healthy kids are eating these days.

Um, People Are Eating Their Avocado Pits [Pure Wow]


    • weas just going to mention this. there is nothing saying whether or not you can, they havnt put much study into its supposed benefits, or detriments.
      id avoid it for now, but that’s just me.

      • I won’t be eating them any time soon.

        The linked article says “scientific research on the phytochemistry and biological effects of avocado seeds is in the nascent stages” (in other words, they’ve only just started studying it) and there’s lots of may do this … may do that … It’s sounds more like they’re trying to drum up a use for the “under-utilized resource”.

  • As a wise man once said, there’s a difference between edible and palatable. I could go and eat dirt and find a study that says it’s good for me.

  • Good God, why would I go to the trouble of powdering the pit? I guess I should grind the skin as well.

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