Photo: Claire Lower

Add an Egg Yolk to Your Grits and Savoury Oatmeal

The egg yolk is the best part of the egg. There is no denying this. Yolks are basically neat little orbs of rich, golden sauce that taste good on everything, and you should add them to your savoury breakfast cereals, especially grits.

Photo: Claire Lower

Soak Your Watermelon in a Negroni

Soaking watermelon in some sort of alcohol is hardly a new strategy. I’ve traditionally favoured vodka or tequila — both of which are perfectly serviceable — as pretty much any single liquor can serve as a watermelon’s bathwater. But why stop at one when you could build a complete cocktail?…

Photo: Claire Lower

Slip Into the Work Week With a Soviet Spritz

I have been ordering a lot of wine (and caviar) during quarantine, mostly from Kachka, a Russian restaurant just a few blocks from my apartment. Kachka’s wines are interesting, unexpected, and almost entirely from the Balkans. Then there is Сове́тское шампа́нское, the “Soviet Champagne” that is definitely not Champagne. It…