You Can And Should Be Eating Banana Peels

You Can And Should Be Eating Banana Peels

I’ve always assumed that the banana peel’s only purpose was to provide cheap, slapstick laughs at the cost of some poor klutz, but it turns out that you can (and should!) eat the slippery bastards.

Photo by torbakhopper.

Not only are banana peels edible, but they’re pretty good for you, and contain fibre, vitamins C and B-6, potassium, and magnesium. (The only people who should avoid them are those with latex allergies, as the peels contain some of the proteins that cause the reaction.) They can be blended into smoothies (along with the rest of the banana), fermented into vinegar, or cooked into tasty recipes like banana peel thoran or banana skins with blacked eyed peas. The riper the banana, the easier they will be to chew, but even the tougher ones can be softened with ten minutes of boiling (or frying, or baking).

People around the world are eating banana peels because they know something that Westerners do not [Business Insider]


  • at the moment you shouldn’t. QLD bananas have been hit with a fungus. and the growers are throwing all kinds of crap at them in order to kill it. if the fungus doesn’t kill you all the sprays they chucked onto it will

    just look at them ATM. they look terrible.

    • Also the above knowledge is for non-genetically modified bananas, and has been gathered across multiple types. So it’s a generalised statement.

      Now if you’re getting bananas from coles or woolies you can forget the vitamins, especially C as they warehouse them and cool them (killing many vitamins within days).

      Anything with Vitamin C should not be refrigerated if you want it’s benefits.

      Let me illistrate this better. It now takes 26 supermarket oranges to get the same amount of vitamin C as one picked from the same tree and shipped to your house directly.

  • Had to check the calendar when I read this article. No, just no. I seriously hope noone takes this advice.

  • Perhaps when bananas were $15 per kilo (in Australia) during the cyclone-induced storage, but at current prices I might give the skins a miss!

  • actually organic fresh fruit. its much nicer to eat the skins etc. oranges most defo! as organic non modified ones. still have thin skin. where as modified and hybrid strains have thick skins to aid shelf life and storage so they dont mark or go bad.
    and those are terrible. plus all the pesticides that sink into the skin, makes the bitter taste that you think is fruit. is the taste of Cancer !

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