Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

The Best Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 9

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS 9 is jailbroken, and that means it's time to start collecting the best apps and tweaks that make use of its new features. There's a ton of really cool stuff this time around, both enhancing iOS 9's new features, and bringing some of those features to older devices.

Too Gives You a Semi-Permanent Second Number for Your iPhone

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS: Lots of apps provide disposable numbers for selling stuff, dating sites, or anywhere you need talk or text but want to protect your privacy too. Too is a new service that makes that second number a little less disposable, so you can use it for a small business, international calls, or even a freelance gig.

Waze Finally Looks Better, Is Less of a Pain to Use

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS: Waze just released a big design overhaul for its app that makes it a lot easier to use. It also ditches the intensely cluttered interface that always made it a bit of an eyesore.

Plex Media Player Replaces Plex Home Theatre, Looks Awesome

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows/Mac: Plex is making a big change to its desktop strategy. The company is now replacing Plex Home Theatre with the new Plex Media Player. It looks pretty great, too.

Track Your Happiness Helps You Understand What Makes You Happy

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS: Happiness seems like a simple enough emotion, but it can actually be a pretty complex concept. Track Your Happiness aims to understand happiness a little better by analysing yours.

Knotes Turns Your New Tab Page Into a Beautiful To-Do List

This Week's Top Downloads

Chrome: Sometimes the best to-do app is the one you have available — and if you use Chrome as your main browser, Knotes puts your to-dos and notes on a beautifully-designed new tab page. It also makes adding new ones a one-click operation, then backs all of it up to Dropbox or Gmail.

Coolant Alerts You Before Apps Overheat Your Mac

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: Lot of Macs apps like to eat up CPU power and battery life. Coolant is a simple little app that alerts you when an app starts eating into your CPU and overheating your Mac.

The Partly Cloudy Desktop

This Week's Top Downloads

Pushkar's desktops never fail to delight, and this one is no exception. We've been making a point to highlight a few simpler, less widget-packed desktops, and this one is a perfect example. A wallpaper that takes us back to summertime, just a couple of widgets, and it's ready for work.

Use a Makeshift One-Handed Mode to Make Your Giant Phone Easier to Use

This Week's Top Downloads

Android (root): If you have a giant phone and aren't Mr. Fantastic, you might have trouble reaching the top of your phone's screen sometimes. This clever workaround for root users can bring the top of your phone to your fingers instead.

Earbits Unveils New Apps, Still Streams Great Free, Ad-Free Independent Music

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS/Android/Chrome: It's been a while since we heard from Earbits, a streaming music service that focuses on independent music, new artists, and connecting listeners with musicians they love. Now they're back with a new app and more ways to listen and build a library of awesome tunes than ever.

Pixelor Is a Floating Tool That Identifies Any Colour On Your Screen

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: If you're a designer, you know how important it is to be able to identify specific colour palettes. Pixelor allows you to quickly identify any colour you can see on your phone.


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