Coolant Alerts You Before Apps Overheat Your Mac

Coolant Alerts You Before Apps Overheat Your Mac

Lots of Macs apps like to eat up CPU power and battery life. Coolant is a simple little app that alerts you when an app starts eating into your CPU and overheating your Mac.

Once Coolant is set up, it will send you a notification when an app starts killing your CPU. Click the alert and you're taken over to the built-in Activity Monitor. It's simply, but it's a handy tool for laptop users. It's a pretty pricey at $US9.99, but you can check out a free trial to help you decide if you're interested in it.

Coolant ($US9.99) [via One Thing Well]


    If an application can 'overheat my Mac' then Apple needs to revisit their designs.

    Nice enough looking and seems to do the job but $10USD does seem a quite steep for what is really quite a simple app.

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