Track Your Happiness Helps You Understand What Makes You Happy

Track Your Happiness Helps You Understand What Makes You Happy

iOS: Happiness seems like a simple enough emotion, but it can actually be a pretty complex concept. Track Your Happiness aims to understand happiness a little better by analysing yours.

The app is actually part of a research project, launched by Harvard researcher Matt Killingsworth. It’s more than just a traditional mood tracker; it’s more like a mood analyser. The aim of the app (and the project) is to better understand what causes your own happiness.

To use the app, sign up with your email address. Then, answer a couple of general questions about how you feel:

  • How satisfied are you with your life as a whole?
  • On average, during the moments of your life how do you feel?

After that, the app will send you periodic alerts asking about what you’re doing in that moment, how you feel, and so on. It will ask if you have to do whatever task you’re doing, and if you actually want to do that task. After a few of these sessions, you’ll get a report that gives you an idea of not only when you’re happy (which is what a regular mood tracker does), but what correlates with (and maybe even causes) your happiness.

The app is totally free and doesn’t ask for money later or bombard you with any advertisements, and that’s because it’s just for research. Unfortunately, that also means there’s no Android version in the works. Of course, it also means the app will use your demographic information and answers in the study, but your personal information will never be shared, and the app protects your data with SSL encryption (here’s their full privacy policy).

To try it for yourself, hit the link below.

Track Your Happiness [Apple Store]

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