Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from this week.

10AppsManager Uninstalls or Reinstalls Default Windows 10 Apps

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows 10: Microsoft's new version of Windows comes with a ton of built-in apps, including some you might not need. 10AppsManager helps you get rid of them or, if you change your mind later, get them back.

The Primordial Desktop

This Week's Top Downloads

Mackenzie's desktop is a beautiful wooded respite that lowers your stress levels just by looking at it — which makes it perfect for a work desktop, or a second screen. Here's how to set it up.

Write! Is a Distraction-Free Text Editor with Just the Right Features

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows: Finding a good text editor can be tough. Some lack basic features, like spell checking, and others are so heavy they may as well be word processors. Write! is a new application, currently in beta, that rides the sweet spot and delivers the features you'd actually find useful without the cruft (or system bloat) you don't want.

Todoist for Desktop and Web Gets a Design Overhaul, New Themes, and Quick Add

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows/Mac/Web: Todoist is one of the better to-do managers out there, and today it gets a few improvements that make it a little easier to use.

Spotify Running for Android and iOS Picks Songs Based on Your Running Tempo

This Week's Top Downloads

Android/iOS: A couple of months ago, Spotify launched Spotify Running, a section inside the Spotify app that creates running playlists based on your tempo. Now the feature's on Android as well.

Khan Academy Beta Comes to Android, Brings Progress Tracking, Transcripts

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: Khan Academy is a great resource for learning a variety of topics. Now, the free online education resource has come to Android, in an opt-in beta.

Stand for Mac Reminds You to Get Out of Your Chair

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: Sitting all day is incredibly bad for you, but just knowing that little fact doesn't mean we all remember to stand up and move around enough. Stand is a simple app that will remind you to get up out of you chair.

Launch Center Pro Now Launches Apps from the Notification Center

This Week's Top Downloads

iPhone: Launch Center Pro has long been one of the best launchers and automation tools on iOS. Today it gets a little better with the inclusion of a Today Widget where you can launch apps (and actions) right from the Notification Center.

BES Limits How Much CPU Power Windows Processes Can Use

This Week's Top Downloads

Windows: Runaway processes can be a major drag on your system. If you want to keep a resource-hungry app running, without letting it run roughshod over your machine, BES can help you limit how much CPU power an app uses.

iA Writer Adds New Previews on Mac, Customisable Keyboard on iOS

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac/Android/iOS: iA Writer, one of the best distraction-free writing apps for Mac, iOS, and Android, was updated with a number of new features.


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