Pizza Hut Launches Vegemite-Flavoured Pizza. No, Really

Pizza Hut Launches Vegemite-Flavoured Pizza. No, Really

To coincide with Australia Day, Pizza Hut has unveiled a new Stuffed Crust pizza that arguably tops the Doritos and Cheeseburger crusts in sheer weirdness. The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza takes a regular cheese-filled crust and infuses it with Vegemite. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! …Er, anyone?)

It’s taken 90-odd years, but someone has finally decided to put Australia’s favourite breakfast condiment on top of a pizza. The result is the Pizza Hut Mitey Stuffed Crust: a combination of Vegemite and mozzarella cheese melted into the crust. It can be added to any pizza for a surcharge of $3.

Here’s the accompanying advert from Pizza Hut, which employs some crafty reverse psychology:

According to Pizza Hut Australia’s head of marketing Fatima Syed, the new crust represents “an Australian rite of passage” that many of us have enjoyed since childhood. We’re willing to bet that nobody has ever thrown pepperoni into the mix though.

“The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza works unbelievably well with any of our topping combinations and we couldn’t think of a more quintessentially Aussie pizza to launch in time for Australia Day,” Syed gushed in a statement.

Do you think this flavour combination could possibly work? While it’s true that many people enjoy Vegemite mixed with cheese, the same generally isn’t said about tomato paste. Or bacon. Or BBQ sauce. Presumably, the success of this crust will come down to the type of pizza you order. Plain cheese seems like the safest bet.

The limited-edition Mitey Stuffed Crust is available to purchase from today. We’ll be back tomorrow with an in-depth taste test.


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