Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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You wanted better Gmail, programmer communication tips, Windows 10 news and Vegemite pizza. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Pizza Hut Launches Vegemite-Flavoured Pizza. No, Really
    To coincide with Australia Day, Pizza Hut has unveiled a new Stuffed Crust pizza that arguably tops the Doritos and Cheeseburger crusts in sheer weirdness. The Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza takes a regular cheese-filled crust and infuses it with Vegemite. (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! …Er, anyone?)
  2. Can You Save Money On Petrol By Half-Filling Your Fuel Tank?
    It’s often said that driving with a half-full tank will save you money on fuel, but do the numbers really stack up? Tim Trudgian from the Australian National University investigates.
  3. All The New Windows 10 And Office Features
    From free upgrades for (most) Windows users through to a new push into holographic computing, Microsoft unveiled a lot of Windows 10 and Office features today during a media briefing. We’ve rounded up all the key announcements — and looked into some of the key issues that weren’t discussed.
  4. Organise Evernote With This Powerful Tagging System
    Evernote can be a great digital mind, but — like the brain in your head — it can quickly become a mess if you don’t keep it organised. Make Evernote better by using this simple tagging system, which uses just five notebooks and sets of organised tags.
  5. Six Tips On Disciplining Children From An Experienced Teacher
    Have you noticed how kids behave differently at school than at home? As an early education teacher, one of the most common questions I get from parents how I get the children to behave. Here are the discipline techniques I’ve learned that work at both school and home.
  6. Taste Test: Pizza Hut Mitey Stuffed Crust
    Yesterday, we brought you the vaguely terrifying news that Pizza Hut had released a Vegemite-flavoured pizza. The deceptively-titled “Mitey Stuffed Crust Pizza” takes a regular cheese-filled crust and infuses it with Australia’s favourite breakfast spread. We’ve since tasted the product ourselves and found it to be surprisingly moreish — here is the Lifehacker verdict.
  7. Why You Should Buy 4TB Hard Drives And Skip The 3TB Ones
    In a followup study to the insightful reports on the most reliable hard drive brands and consumer versus enterprise hard drives, Backblaze found some interesting data that could help you choose your next drive. One piece of advice: stay away from 3TB drives.
  8. How To Talk To Programmers [Infographic]
    Programmers can code in multiple languages, but that doesn’t mean that trying to brief them on a project is always a straightforward task. A nifty infographic from “information designer” Anna Vitals sums up some useful principles to adopt when dealing with developers.
  9. Takeaway Truth: KFC $2 Taster Box
    Takeaway Truth is a regular Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: KFC’s $2 Taster Box!
  10. Top 10 Gmail Labs And Features You Should Enable
    As if Gmail wasn’t powerful enough, you can find all sorts of goodies and extra features in Gmail Labs. The list is pretty massive, so we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourite labs to help increase your email productivity.