Hungry Jack’s ‘Free Cheeseburger’ Promotion Is Kind Of Stingy

Hungry Jack’s ‘Free Cheeseburger’ Promotion Is Kind Of Stingy

For a limited time, Hungry Jack’s is giving away “free” BBQ cheeseburgers to customers in exchange for online feedback. However, there are so many hoops to jump through that the deal is arguably more trouble than it’s worth. Read on to see what’s required. (You may need a pen and paper.)

As the adage goes, nothing of value in life is ever truly free. This includes Hungry Jack’s cheeseburgers, which you can currently get “free”; but only if you expend a bit of luck, money and effort.

At first glance, the “Free Cheeseburger For Your Thoughts” promotion seems like a reasonable trade-off — you complete a quick online survey and score a BBQ cheeseburger for your troubles. This is pretty standard as fast food freebies go.

However, there’s a lot more to the process than the name of the deal suggests. In reality, you need to get hold of a Hungry Jack’s receipt first (meaning you have to buy something) and the receipt must include a special online code. Only a random selection of customers are chosen to participate each day which means it’s basically a game of luck.

If your receipt happens to contain the required code, you need to fill out an online survey and write down a separate validation code on your receipt upon completion. You can then bring the receipt back into Hungry Jack’s to claim your free burger — but only if you purchase something else.

So to recap, you need to buy a minimum of two Hungry Jack’s products, keep your receipt, fill out an online survey and write down a special code before you can claim your freebie — and that’s if you’re lucky enough to receive a special receipt in the first place.

Frankly, this promotion borders on insulting. If Hungry Jack’s wants free customer feedback it should be willing to come to the table with more than this. It’s worth noting that a Hungry Jack’s BBQ cheesburger only costs $2 to buy normally — and you don’t have to buy it in conjunction with anything else.