Lunch Deal: Get A Hungry Jack's 'Big Cheese' Burger For $1

If you're keen to indulge in a greasy humpday lunch, Hungry Jack's has a deal on that sounds too good to pass up. For one day only, you can grab a Big Cheese burger for just $1. No coupon is required.

The Big Cheese comes with two slices of cheese, a beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onion and mayo. There's also a BBQ version available which eschews the mustard and ketchup for BBQ sauce. So how big is it compared to a regular cheeseburger?

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With some loose change rattling around in my pocket this morning, I decided to indulge in one for breakfast (the things we do for our readers).

The burger tastes like the typical Hungry Jacks fare and is roughly the same size as a McDonald's Quarter Pounder — which makes it an excellent bargain for $1. After today's promotion it will apparently sell for $4.95.

Curiously, Hungry Jacks has neglected to include the dietary information on their promotional poster (right). The Hungry Jack's website also makes no mention of the new burger and the wrapper has no dietary info on it either.

Sensing a calorie nightmare, we contacted Hungry Jack's and asked them what the kilojoule count was. According to the spokesperson we spoke to, the Big Cheese contains 3256kj.

This actually isn't too terrible — it's identical to a Whopper with Cheese. The BBQ version, meanwhile, comes in slightly lower at 3237kj.

That said, at $1 a pop, there's a strong temptation to go completely nuts at lunch — we'd advise sticking to a single burger (two at most). If you really want to take advantage of the deal, maybe buy a few extra burgers and hand 'em out to the homeless.

The offer is valid today only (1 May 2013) until 11.59pm tonight.

[Via OzBargain]


    No word on how well the actual product compares to the pictures?

      That would be a Takeaway Truth article, which this is not. (That said, you can compare the above two photos for yourself -- it actually doesn't look too bad!)

        Here's one for takeaway truth though..

        Order KFC wicked wings.. Get a Wicked Drumstick? Alliteration ruined!

        I was just having a bit of a joke at you.
        Although I've since had one, and the pictures are actually quite accurate.
        Although interestingly it has 50% More kj than a quarter pounder, which is more expensive by dollar.

    Thanks for advising me on how many to eat. If I wanted your advice on my dietary intake, I'd ask for it - what with being an adult and all.

      You certainly don't sound like an adult.

      Go on, eat ten then. Ya fat lard.

      Wow someone's a widdle bit cwanky today.

      So... if you only want advice you've asked for, why are you visiting this site at all?

    3256kj is not too terrible? Almost 800 calories from saturated fat, carbs and a ton of salt not too terrible? That's almost half your daily food intake right there. With a large coke and chips I'm pretty sure you'll reach your daily limit for an average adult and no doubt you were hungry again 3-4 hours later.

      I meant relative to other cheese-based Hungry Jack's burgers, natch.

    Holy Jesus. Don't get more than one. I can eat quite a bit and one is more than enough. They're huge!!

      you can eat quite a bit and one is more than enough? please refrain from using the internet.

        youre a dick

        he cant use the net cause he gets full easily. unlucky

    Holy crap and here I am eating subway for lunch like a chump?? Eating "fresh" (quote unquote) can suck it.

    Last edited 01/05/13 3:36 pm

      lol Subway, fresh from a freezer in your city's industrial suburb to you.

    I had one for lunch and let me assure you it was nothing like the picture, it had one slice of cheese that did not cover the meat, i even had to open up my burger to check if there even was any cheese on it. For $4.95 i won't be buying that one ever again.

    I think I would find more nutritional value in eating a hat. Might taste better too... haha

    Wow. It's astonishing how many calories they can cram into such a small package. Not only is it extremely fattening, there's little nutritional value in the ingredients and it'll just leave you feeling flat and unenergised afterwards.

    LOL at paying $4.95 for that slop!!

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