Make A DIY Coffee Plunger From Hotel Room Materials

Make a DIY French Press from Hotel Room Materials

Stuck at a hotel and don't want to use the kettle for a basic cup of instant? Instructables user Josh Campbell shows you how to make a French Press using stuff you'll (mostly) find right in your room.

Campbell's French Press uses a coat hanger, a paper coffee filter, and a mug. First off, you'll need to shape the coat hanger to fit inside the mug (and clear off any lacquer). Then pour your grounds and hot water into the mug, let it steep, then plunge it down with the coat hanger and the filter. Finally, pour that coffee into another clean cup.

It's about as MacGyver as it gets, but does rely on having access to filters and a removable hanger (many hotels have a design you can't fully remove or bend). Still, if you're happy to pack those components, it's definitely an option. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Quick DIY French Press [Instructables]


    from hotel room materials....and some pliers, and sand paper, and coffee filter, and coat hanger.

    Why not just skip the coathanger? Brew the coffee in mug #1, then pour it through the filter into mug #2.

    Basically you are just filtering out the grounds. So if you bring along some muslin or similar (which weighs nothing) then you could achieve the same effect much more easily.

    This solution appears more complicated than a simpler option of getting a take away coffee before/after you're in your room.

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