Make Watermelon Juice Using A Drill

On hot days, fresh cool watermelon juice is a wonderful treat. Normally you'd need a juicer or a blender to make it, but Instructables user Miss Cabbit shows off an alternative method using an electric drill, a coat hanger, a mesh strainer and (of course) a chilled watermelon.

Simply cut a small hole in the top off the watermelon, shape your hanger to resemble a whisk and pop it into the chuck of your drill, and insert the coat hanger into the watermelon drilling around the interior to crudely blend the fruit. Put a mesh strainer over a bowl and empty the contents of the watermelon into the strainer. It's not as easy as a blender, but it could make an entertaining backyard project.

Make watermelon juice with a drill and a coat hanger [Instructables]


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