This Is The Proper Etiquette For Leaving A Hotel Room

During your vacation, a hotel room is your home away from home, but it’s much better than your actual home because you have fresh sheets every day. Here’s how to properly thank and respect the person making that happen.

PSA: Hotel TV Remotes Are Ridden With Bacteria

Ever wondered what germs are lurking around in your fancy hotel? Here are the most bacteria-ridden surfaces in three-star, four-star, and five-star hotel rooms, based on laboratory research. (Turns out TV remotes are way grosser than you probably thought.)

PSA: Google Travel Is Actually Good Now

PSA: Google Travel Is Actually Good Now

As much fun as holidays can be, actually planning your travel can be tedious and anxiety-inducing. Sure, an all-inclusive package or a travel agent might make the process easier, but that’s going to get pricey, and anyway, some of us prefer to make all the arrangements ourselves—even if we have…