Take Great Photos With This DIY Portable Backdrop

Take Great Photos With This DIY Portable Backdrop

If you need want to take photos of small objects to sell on Gumtree or eBay, a professional backdrop is an important part of the presentation, and you can make your own with a coat hanger and and some fax paper.

Instructables user PropPrintables shares the tutorial. Basically, you’ll cut a plastic coat hanger on the bottom, insert a roll of fax paper, and use the end of a thumbtack to lock the hanger back into place. The guide also suggests using a candle to soften the hook and turn it 90 degrees, but you might not have to depending on where you want to hang it.

Once it’s ready, just roll out some paper to take your photos, then roll it back up and store it in the closet when you’re done. Check out the source link for a complete walkthrough.

Mini DIY Photography Backdrop [Instructables]


  • How many people have a roll of fax paper handy these days? Most machines I see are the ones using A4 sheets. Why not use one of those kitchen paper towel rolls instead?

    • Paper towel wouldn’t have the right finish, and could possibly look pretty awful…

      Still, not sure why you’d go to all that trouble, when you can just sticky tape or blu-tack it to the wall. This method requires a suitable hanging space any time you want to use it.

  • Fax rolls? But that’s not the point. Want a better real life solution.

    Get an A4 piece of paper. Tape it to a window so it goes down onto the window sill (So the end of the paper is at the edge of the window sill closest to you). Make sure that it’s a nice sunny window. It back lights the A4 nicely. Use that. (Great for taking pictures of things up to the size of a pack of cards).

  • I just use my kitchen table cloth. Just lift up one corner and place the object in front, insta backdrop. Only really works with solid coloured cloths though.

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